Revolutionizing pest control: The power of 'Killing Them Softly'


In pest control, Dr. Killigan's 'Killing Them Softly' approach is about more than just getting rid of bugs. We promise to care for the environment, your pets and your family's health. We make products that are safe and don't harm the world around us. This way, you get effective, thoughtful pest control.

A kinder approach to pest control

At Dr. Killigan's, our approach to pest control is rooted in kindness and responsibility toward our environment, our beloved pets and wildlife and, importantly, towards ourselves. Let's delve deeper into these aspects:

  • Healthy for our environment: Traditional methods, often involving substances like pesticides, can risk ecosystem disruption through chemical seepage. Our approach at Dr. Killigan's, however, focuses on maintaining ecological harmony. We steer clear of such toxic substances that contribute to pollution or ecological imbalance, ensuring that the earth that sustains us remains untainted and vibrant.
  • Safe for pets and wildlife: Pets are family, and wildlife is an essential part of our natural world. Dr. Killigan's products, surpassing the EPA's 'Minimum Risk' criteria and exempt from FIFRA registration, are specifically formulated to be safe for pets and wildlife. We avoid harmful ingredients, ensuring that our solutions, rigorously evaluated for safety, protect not just our homes but also the beloved animals around us.
  • Long-term effectiveness: The problem with many chemical treatments is their diminishing returns; pests often develop resistance, making these methods less effective over time. Our approach focuses on long-term efficacy. By utilizing mechanical control, we provide solutions that pests can't easily adapt to, ensuring lasting effectiveness without the need for harsh chemicals.
  • Safe for you: Your health is paramount. Chemical pesticides can pose significant health risks, from skin and eye irritation to more severe impacts like affecting the nervous system or potentially causing cancer. Dr. Killigan's prioritizes your well-being by offering solutions that are safe for human use. We avoid hazardous chemicals, ensuring that you can protect your home from pests without compromising your health.

The mechanical control difference

Dr. Killigan's 'Killing Them Softly' philosophy is intrinsically linked to mechanical control, a method revolutionizing the way we approach pest control. This method stands out for its direct and non-toxic approach.

  • Direct and immediate results: Mechanical control involves physical devices or techniques like traps and barriers. From simple fly swatters to sophisticated devices like The Fly Inn, these methods offer immediate and tangible results, directly removing or deterring pests without reliance on chemicals.
  • Ease of use and safety: The practicality and safety of mechanical control methods make them ideal for home use. A prime example is The Insect Buster. This device allows for precise and mess-free application of non-toxic powders like Dust to Dust.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable: Mechanical control, as seen in our Cedar Planks made from pure eastern red cedar from renewable U.S. forests, embodies environmental consciousness. This method presents a thoughtful alternative for pest control, counteracting the soil and air contamination common with chemical methods like mothballs.
  • Sustained efficacy: Mechanical control methods like Dr. Killigan's Pantry Moth Traps demonstrate the benefit of sustained efficacy in pest control. These traps, using pheromone lures, effectively attract and capture pantry moths. Their continued performance over time offers a reliable and enduring solution, avoiding the common issue of pest resistance seen with chemical treatments.
  • Advanced mechanical solutions: At Dr. Killigan’s, we incorporate innovative techniques in our mechanical control methods. Products like Dust to Dust use fine silica particles and essential oils, which physically impact pests without chemical harm. This approach ensures safety for humans and pets while effectively targeting a broad range of insects.
  • Dual-action formulas: Our products like Six Feet Under use a blend of essential oils that work synergistically, maximizing efficiency without environmental damage. They incapacitate pests by breaking down exoskeletons, a method that pests can't adapt to.

Dr. Killigan's solution: Embracing sustainability and safety

Dr. Killigan's embodies the 'Killing Them Softly' philosophy in our product range, blending efficiency with a commitment to environmental and safety standards. Our approach innovates beyond traditional methods by focusing on non-toxic, mechanical techniques, offering safer, more advanced solutions for pest control.

Products like our Sweet Surrender Fruit Fly Trap with Liquid Attractant, formulated without toxins, artificial dyes or harsh ingredients and developed right in our kitchen for yours, exemplify our dedication to creating solutions that are not only effective but also align with our ethical values. Each product is crafted through rigorous research and development, prioritizing both effectiveness and safety. In summary, Dr. Killigan's ethos transcends mere pest control—it's a commitment to a healthier, sustainable approach, safeguarding homes and the planet alike.

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