Harnessing nature's medicine: 10 plant-based ingredients in Dr. Killigan's pest control products

By Dr. Killigan

Welcome to Dr. Killigan's realm, where nature's medicine is the cornerstone of our pest control philosophy. Our commitment to harnessing the healing powers of the Earth guides our selection of 12 vital plant-based ingredients. These natural wonders are not only effective in battling pests but also embody our pledge to eco-conscious living. Join me on a journey through nature's medicine cabinet, as we explore each ingredient's unique role in our non-toxic pest control products. 

1. Soybean oil in Six Feet Under: A robust, natural insecticide

Mechanical action of soybean oil: Six Feet Under Non-Toxic Insect Spray harnesses the potent insecticidal properties of soybean oil, turning this everyday kitchen ingredient into a formidable pest control weapon. Its 3.13% concentration in our formula effectively smothers insects by clogging their spiracles, hindering respiration and leading to asphyxiation. This mechanical action is particularly effective against a broad spectrum of six-legged insects, ensuring a rapid and efficient kill.

Eco-friendly and sustainable pest control: Our use of soybean oil in Six Feet Under exemplifies Dr. Killigan's dedication to eco-friendly and sustainable pest management. By disrupting insect egg metabolism and feeding mechanisms, it reduces hatching success and starves pests, all without leaving toxic residues. This ensures minimal disruption to beneficial insects and reduces the likelihood of resistance development. Our approach with soybean oil not only guarantees high efficacy against household pests but also embodies our commitment to utilizing nature's resources responsibly and sustainably.

2. Cinnamon oil in Six Feet Under: A powerful insect deterrent 

Insecticidal efficacy of cinnamon oil: Six Feet Under harnesses the robust insecticidal properties of cinnamon oil, a key ingredient with a long history of repelling pests. This aromatic oil, at a concentration of 0.03% in our formula, has demonstrated high efficacy against storage pests like weevils and grain borers, as well as mosquitoes, ants and flies. Its potent aroma and natural compounds make it an effective, safe alternative to synthetic insecticides.


Historical and modern usage: Cinnamon oil's use as an insect repellent dates back to ancient times, particularly for grain protection. In Six Feet Under, its combination with other essential oils like soybean and clove creates a powerful, lab-proven blend that disrupts the exoskeletons of various pests, including ants, cockroaches and moths. This synergistic effect not only enhances the absorption of the formula but also ensures rapid and effective pest elimination, adhering to our commitment at Dr. Killigan's to provide eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions for pest control.

3. Clove oil in Six Feet Under: A versatile insect repellent

Clove oil's multifaceted insect repellent properties: As a crucial component in Six Feet Under, clove oil, with a 0.05% concentration, serves as an all-natural, rapid-acting insect repellent. This powerful oil has traditionally been used to repel bugs, including when applied to bed sheets. In Six Feet Under, its efficacy extends to repelling and killing a wide array of pests, such as mosquitoes, ants, wasps, moths and flies. This makes clove oil an essential ingredient in our formula, offering a safe and effective means to keep bugs at bay.

Natural and resistant to insecticide immunity: The inclusion of clove oil in Six Feet Under aligns with our commitment to non-toxic, poison-free pest control solutions. Unlike synthetic chemical insecticides, which are increasingly facing resistance from insects, clove oil remains effective. Its natural properties ensure that Six Feet Under is a safer alternative for homes, free from toxic fumes, harsh chemicals and synthetic pesticides. This not only makes it an environmentally friendly choice but also a future-proof solution in the ongoing battle against pest resistance.

4. Peppermint oil in Dust to Dust: A robust natural repellent

Peppermint oil's comprehensive pest repelling abilities: Peppermint oil stands out as a key active ingredient in our quest for non-toxic pest control. Known for its potent ability to repel a variety of pests including ants, aphids, beetles, cockroaches and even mosquitoes, peppermint oil is a cornerstone of our safe and effective Dust to Dust Non-Toxic Insect Powder formula. Its major chemical compounds—terpene, alcohol and menthol—act as natural fumigants, deterring pests through their strong aromas.


This aligns with our mission at Dr. Killigan's to provide solutions that safeguard your family's well-being while efficiently managing pests.

The science behind peppermint oil's effectiveness: Studies have demonstrated the impressive biocidal properties of peppermint oil, highlighting its potential as a natural alternative to traditional chemical pesticides. According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, peppermint oil demonstrates a high efficacy against various pests, including a 97.2% mortality rate in brown-banded cockroach nymphs. Furthermore, in an additional National Library of Medicine study, its comparison to DEET in repelling mosquitoes underscores its potential as a safe and natural protective measure. In Dust to Dust, peppermint oil's dual role as a pest repellent and a family-safe ingredient exemplifies our commitment to harnessing nature's medicine in creating non-toxic, yet powerful pest control solutions.

5. Rosemary oil in Dust to Dust: A potent, natural insecticide

Harnessing rosemary oil's insecticidal power: In our relentless pursuit of eco-friendly pest control solutions, rosemary oil emerges as a standout ingredient in Dust to Dust. Recognized for its non-toxic, biodegradable nature, rosemary oil is a compelling alternative to chemical insecticides. Its potent insecticidal and repellent properties are attributed to compounds like camphor, cineol and borneol.


These components effectively interfere with the nervous systems of insects, disrupt their pheromone communication and create a suffocating barrier, making rosemary oil a natural and effective weapon against pests.

Rosemary oil's scientific backing: The efficacy of rosemary oil against a range of pests is well-documented in scientific studies. An article published by the National Library of Medicine writes of its ability to cause complete mortality in spider mites without harming the host plant, whereas a study published by Cornell University speaks of its prolonged repellent effect on mosquitoes, highlighting its versatility. Further research by Research Gate underscores its remarkable insecticidal properties, demonstrating the complete eradication of adult rice weevils. By incorporating rosemary oil in Dust to Dust, we at Dr. Killigan's harness these natural qualities to provide you with a safe, toxin-free solution for managing both winged and crawling insects in your home.

6. Silica in Dust to Dust: A dual benefit for plants and pest control 

Revitalizing plants with silica: In Dr. Killigan’s Dust to Dust, silica isn't just an insect deterrent; it's a boon for garden healthThis remarkable mineral, with its abundant benefits, plays a crucial role in bolstering plant structure, giving them the foundational strength to flourish. Our use of silica, composed of various natural compounds, provides plants with essential support, enhancing their resilience and vigor.


Silica's role in eco-friendly pest management: Silica's abrasive nature, potent against pests, is complemented by its ability to nourish plants. When insects encounter the sharp, pointed edges of silica particles, they suffer physical damage leading to dehydration and eventual demise. This natural approach to pest control, backed by scientific research, ensures effective management without harming the environment. With Dust to Dust, embrace the transformative power of silica for both your plants' health and effective, non-toxic insect control, truly embodying the wisdom of nature's medicine. 

7. Eastern red cedar in Cedar Planks: Nature's aromatic protector

Embracing nature's repellent: Our Cedar Planks, crafted from 100% eastern red cedar, embody more than just pest repellence. This remarkable wood, with its natural properties, effectively wards off moths and other fabric pests, safeguarding your clothing and linens. Its inherent ability to repel bugs is just the beginning; cedar represents nature's ingenuity in providing solutions to modern challenges.

Aromatic tranquility and sustainability: Beyond its functionality, eastern red cedar infuses your home with a subtle, earthy aroma, akin to natural aromatherapy.


This scent, evoking tranquility and a connection to the wild, transforms your closets into havens of peace. Dr. Killigan's Cedar Planks not only offer pest protection but also enhance your living space with the timeless wisdom of nature. Their sustainable, chemical-free nature aligns seamlessly with our commitment to eco-conscious living, demonstrating how nature's bounty can be harnessed for everyday household solutions.

8. Vinegar in Sweet Surrender: The power of organic acidity

Red wine vinegar's attraction to fruit flies: In Sweet Surrender Fruit Fly Trap Refill Liquid, the inclusion of red wine vinegar plays a crucial role in pest control. Sourced from select California grapes, it undergoes a specialized fermentation process, heightening its effectiveness against fruit flies. This vinegar, with its aroma reminiscent of overripe fruits, targets the specific sensory preferences of these pests. Its potent, enticing scent mimics natural fruit fly attractants, luring them into traps with the allure of fermenting fruits.

Eco-friendly approach to pest management: Incorporating red wine vinegar into Sweet Surrender aligns with our commitment to eco-friendly solutions. Its acidic properties disrupt fruit flies' reproductive cycles, providing an effective yet environmentally conscious method of controlling these household nuisances. By leveraging the natural allure of red wine vinegar, we offer a potent, sustainable solution to manage fruit flies, ensuring the safety and well-being of families and the environment. This innovative use of vinegar embodies Dr. Killigan's philosophy of harnessing nature's medicine for sustainable living.

9. Citric acid in Sweet Surrender: Harnessing citrus power for fruit fly attraction

Attracting pests with citrus scents: Citric acid, originally sourced from lemon juice, is a key element in Sweet Surrender's effectiveness against fruit flies. This organic compound, particularly potent due to its terpene content like limonene, is naturally appealing to fruit flies, as it mimics the enticing scent of citrus fruits – their preferred choice. The citric acid's combination of natural acidity and citrus aroma provides a powerful lure that fruit flies find irresistible.

nature's medicine

Sustainable formulation with extended shelf-life: Incorporating citric acid into Sweet Surrender underscores our commitment to sustainable pest control. Its role extends beyond attracting pests; it also serves as a natural preservative, giving Sweet Surrender a shelf-life of two years when stored correctly. This approach aligns with our philosophy of using eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients, ensuring our pest control strategies are both effective and environmentally conscious.

10. Sucrose in Sweet Surrender: The sweet lure for fruit flies

Effective sweet attraction: Sucrose, a natural sugar, is a crucial component in Sweet Surrender. Its effectiveness in luring fruit flies stems from their innate need for sugar as a quick energy source for their constant flying. This natural lure satisfies their sugar cravings, making sucrose an efficient attractant in our traps.

Safe and sustainable pest control: Incorporating sucrose into Sweet Surrender is in line with our philosophy of utilizing nature's medicine for pest control. This non-toxic and safe sugar ensures that our traps are not only highly effective but also pose no harm to humans or pets, demonstrating our dedication to sustainable and eco-conscious pest management solutions.

11. Sodium lauryl sulfate in Sweet Surrender and Six Feet Under: Eco-efficient and potent

Gentle yet powerful ingredient: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), derived from plants and not petroleum, is a key component in both Sweet Surrender and Six Feet Under. This plant-based cleaning agent efficiently breaks down the outer layers of pests, boosting the efficacy of our products. Its use signifies our dedication to both performance and environmental responsibility.

Sustainable and effective: By choosing plant-based SLS, we prioritize environmental sustainability and avoid the ecological harms associated with petroleum products. Customers attest to its remarkable cleaning and pest control capabilities, proving that you can achieve excellent results without compromising on environmental values. Moreover, its biodegradability minimizes environmental impact, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices

12. Cedarwood oil in Cedar Ward: A natural guard

Cedarwood Oil's Potent Properties: Cedarwood oil, comprising 20% of our Cedar Ward, is a potent natural insect repellent. Its aromatic properties are known to effectively deter a variety of pests, including moths and ants. By incorporating this oil, Cedar Ward becomes a powerful tool in natural pest control, harnessing the repellent qualities of cedarwood to safeguard your home.


Harmonizing aroma and efficacy: Cedarwood oil not only repels pests but also imparts a pleasant, refreshing scent. This dual benefit of aroma and effectiveness exemplifies our commitment to creating products that are enjoyable to use while remaining highly effective against pests. Cedar Ward, with its significant cedarwood oil content, is a testament to our dedication to combining nature's offerings with scientific innovation for superior pest control solutions.

Explore nature's ingenious solutions with Dr. Killigan's:

Embrace the synergy of nature and science with Dr. Killigan's range of plant-based, non-toxic pest control products. From the powerful soybean oil in Six Feet Under to the aromatic cedarwood oil in Cedar Ward, each product is a testament to the effectiveness of nature's medicine. We invite you to discover our innovative solutions for a healthier, pest-free home. Visit our website now to learn more and shop our products, also including Dust to Dust, Sweet Surrender and more. Join our mission for a sustainable, harmonious home environment with Dr. Killigan's.

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