Product User Guides

Straight from Dr. Killigan’s journals, we provide his meticulous notes on how to restore peace to your home with our natural pest control solutions. Your questions may include:

  • What can I catch with these insect traps?
  • What should I do before I use bug spray in my living room?
  • What are the best ways—or worst ways—to use this product?

If so, then this is the page for you. Dr. Killigan’s product guides include step-by-step installation and usage instructions, expert tips to help you quickly get the most out of your natural pest control purchase, and answers to frequently asked questions that will help you become a professional bug killer, just like the doctor himself.

Do you have a question we don’t answer here? No problem! We can’t wait to help you out, so contact us today.

Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace is a powerful, effective, and safe solution to eradicate bed bugs; keeps killing for up to 90 days!

The Fly Inn

The Fly Inn is the solution you need to send winged invaders to their permanent resting place.

Six Feet Under

Rest In Peace is a powerful, effective, and safe solution to combat any and all invaders in your home!

The Insect Buster

The Most Effective Tool for Dispersing Non-toxic powder insecticides!