Cedar Planks Clothes Moth Repellent

Keep your clothes, blankets, carpets and more hole-free with Dr. Killigan’s Cedar Planks, delivering the power of Mother Nature’s most potent moth repellent with sustainably sourced, 100% eastern red cedar from the good ol' USA.

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Your first line of defense against the notorious clothing moth
Effective against web-spinning moths, case-making moths and other clothing moths
Provides four-season protection for wool, fur, leather, and other keratin-rich fabrics
Made from pure eastern red cedar, sourced from renewable forests right here in the USA
Assembled and quality assured in California
Equipped with Dr. Killigan’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you’re not satisfied for any reason, we will offer you a replacement or full refund—your choice.
"The wood is satiny smooth, so no worries about snagging or tearing your garments. The fragrance is noticeable, too...not sure if that matters to the moths, but I really love the woodsy scent of cedar. Possibly the best feature is the ability to attach hooks to hang these little planks on your closet rod, or to remove the hooks (or just not insert them in the first place) and place them in your drawers or storage totes, etc. I believe that you can also refresh the fragrance by gently abrading with a bit of fine sandpaper." — Nora T., Verified Customer
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Frequently Asked Questions

While clothing moths like to hide in closets and drawers, but they can also be found in attics, basements, storage areas, bins and elsewhere. Clothing moths can be difficult to find because they like to hide within seams and pockets. Be meticulous in your search.

Cedar Planks do not kill moths but rather repel them. The oil from the wood gives off an aroma that moths do not like. The Cedar Planks prevent the adult moths from landing on your clothing and using the natural fibers for nests and a food source.

Yes, Dr. Killigan’s Cedar Planks are made with 100% Eastern Red Cedar.

The Cedar Planks do not come with oil applied. The cedar oil smell is naturally found in the wood and has no residue. Cedar Planks will not stain your clothing when placed near items in your closets or drawers.

Yes! Cedar Planks can help to deodorize and freshen indoor environments and pull in moisture to help prevent mildew, all while also helping to repel insects.

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