Dr. Killigan's Clothing Conservation Combo

Dr. Killigan’s Clothing Conservation Combo features the perfect product duo to protect your silks, furs, wool and other keratin-rich fabrics from any moth miscreants seeking to invade your domain.

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    All of our products are non-toxic and safe for humans and pets when used as directed.
    No pyrethrins, permethrins, pyrethroids or artificial dyes.
    Formulated and tested in our kitchen and home for your kitchen and home.
    Bundle includes 6 Premium Clothing Moth Traps and 10 Cedar Planks with optional hangers.
    Equipped with Dr. Killigan’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Clothing moths are seldom seen because they avoid light. They prefer dark, undisturbed areas such as closets, basements, and attics. The common identifiers for clothing moths in your home include irregular holes in natural fiber clothing, silken larvae tubes or patches of webbing on clothing, or white eggs that are just visible to the naked eye.

    First, make sure you have removed the protective sheet from the glue. Next, be sure to discard particularly infested items and remove them from the closet. Thoroughly clean the clothes you do keep, and clean your closet by vacuuming and wiping down with a simple cleaning solution. Finally, make sure you hang one trap high on a closet pole and another one down low on the ground for maximum efficiency. If the traps are still not working for you after that, there is a high likelihood that you are dealing with a different species of moth than the two most common clothing moths.

    Cedar Planks do not kill moths but rather repel them. The oil from the wood gives off an aroma that moths do not like. The Cedar Planks prevent the adult moths from landing on your clothing and using the natural fibers for nests and a food source.

    Yes, Dr. Killigan’s Cedar Planks are made with 100% Eastern Red Cedar.

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