Dust to Dust Plant-Powered Insect Powder

Eliminate 100+ insect species, including ants, roaches, ticks and fleas with this plant-powered insect powder, yielding faster kill times than diatomaceous earth.

Multipacks: 10 oz. bottle
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  • Kills and prevents common household insects.
  • Uses essential oil nanotechnology to terminate bugs through dehydration.
  • Proven in lab tests to be more effective than diatomaceous earth.
  • Safe when used as directed for people, pets and the planet.
  • Provides a bug barrier both indoors and outdoors.
  • Equipped with Dr. Killigan’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Stop bugs in their tracks, and protect your peace and sanity.

Loved by households, loathed by bugs

Insects can be relentless in their pursuit of infiltrating your home. They'll wiggle their way through even the tiniest of cracks and crevices and act like they own the place. Dr. Killigan’s Dust to Dust Plant-Powered Insect Powder is a proven bug-busting formula made with essential-oil nanotechnology and fine silica particles. This proprietary solution is guaranteed to kill ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, silverfish, earwigs and more—all within 24 hours of contact.

Use Dust to Dust in cracks, crevices and elsewhere both indoors and outdoors to get rid of household pests. Dust to Dust can also be applied directly onto plants for a proactive solution to plant pests, such as aphids and mites.

As a preventative measure, apply Dust to Dust liberally around the perimeter of your home to stop bugs in their tracks. If you’re currently battling an insect invasion, fortify your defenses by applying Dust to Dust at and around the source of the problem. This includes nests of ants, roaches and other bugs. This powerful formula is designed to put a terminal end to a wide range of pests on contact, gradually ensuring complete freedom from insects.

Pest control made easy

It's as simple as 1-2-3.


Shake the bottle, remove the cap and cut the tip.


Aim at your target area and gently squeeze the bottle.


Take back your peace from unwelcome bugs.

Since I had purchased other Dr. Killigan's products that I was happy with, I decided to try Dust to Dust. I had a problem with ants in my kitchen and didn't want to use any toxic substances to get rid of them. Dust to Dust did the job! I also like the fact that the powder can be used indoors and outdoors. Would definitely recommend this product for a non-toxic alternative for pest control.

—Karen, Verified Customer

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