Putting customers first: The power of full disclosure from Dr. Killigan's


Today, I want to talk about a principle at the heart of our customer relations: full disclosure. In any business—especially those like ours in the environmentally conscious and non-toxic sectors—the importance of full disclosure cannot be overstated. 

It’s about being transparent with you, our valued customers, about every aspect of our products and practices. This transparency is a key element of our commitment to you and a cornerstone of putting customers first.

Understanding full disclosure (in business)


Full disclosure means more than just obeying regulations—it means creating a foundation of trust by being open about what our products contain, how they work and their potential impact on your health and the environment. 

For us at Dr. Killigan’s, it’s about ensuring you have all the information you need to make informed choices about the products you bring into your home: in this place where you relax and enjoy an evening beverage, play on the floor with your children and watch your pets scamper to and fro. 

Our approach involves detailing the ingredients of our pest control products, explaining their purposes and discussing their safe use. We aim to empower you with knowledge about our environmentally friendly formulations.

The challenges and rewards of full disclosure

Practicing full disclosure requires balancing the transparency of critical product information while at the same time protecting our proprietary formulations. Our goal is to share enough information to empower you and protect the innovations that keep us competitive. This balance is delicate but essential in maintaining both trust and market leadership.

At Dr. Killigan’s, we face these challenges head-on by focusing on what matters most—customer safety and satisfaction. We are open about the safety profiles and effectiveness of our products while securing the intellectual property that fuels our innovative solutions. This strategy ensures that we continue to lead with integrity and innovation in the pest control industry.

Certifications and standards: Upholding high safety and environmental standards


At Dr. Killigan's, our dedication to creating safe and environmentally friendly products is not just a promise—it's proven by rigorous standards and certifications. We are proud to be recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). Our products are celebrated for posing a "minimal risk to human health and the environment," a distinction that sets us apart from conventional pesticides.

Our compliance with the EPA’s criteria for minimum-risk pesticides ensures that each product meets stringent safety standards. The active ingredients in our solutions are listed under 40 CFR 152.25(f)(1), consisting of substances known for their safety.

Additionally, the inert ingredients in our products comply with the EPA's criteria for minimum-risk pesticides. These standards not only bolster our commitment to safety but also affirm our role as a leader in providing safe alternatives in pest control. For a detailed view of the ingredients list, please visit the EPA's official document

To learn more about the EPA’s guidelines and our certifications, please refer to the EPA's guide on Minimum Risk Pesticides, which outlines the rigorous criteria we meet to ensure your health and safety.

Customer testimonials: Real voices, real experiences

Hearing directly from those who use our products not only strengthens our dedication to transparency and safety but also showcases the tangible benefits they bring into everyday life. Here are a few words from our valued customers that highlight their trust and satisfaction:

  • Jack: "I appreciated how clearly Dr. Killigan's explained the use and safety of the product."
  • Gregory describes our products as "Trustworthy products."
  • Sporty notes, "Great results! This brand is still my most trusted brand."
  • Nancy shares her positive outcome, "Dusted with diatomaceous earth. Got rid of spider mites on flowering vines and made new cherry tree leaves healthy."
  • An Amazon customer points out the environmental benefits, "Non-toxic environmentally friendly way to help control house and garden pests."

These testimonials are a testament to the positive impact our commitment to transparency has on our customers' experiences. By choosing Dr. Killigan’s, they feel confident and secure, knowing exactly what they are bringing into their homes. 

Our commitment to customer service: Beyond the call

At Dr. Killigan’s, we view our Customer Experience Team not just as a support function but as the frontline warriors in our mission to ensure customer satisfaction and trust. Our team is pivotal in maintaining the bond we share with you, our valued customers. 

Here’s how we engage with and respond to your feedback:

  • Maryliz: "Promptly replied back and answered my questions."
  • Aliza: "Vanessa was SO incredibly helpful!!! Thank you, Vanessa!!"
  • Louis: "Would be higher if I had the chance to pick more stars. You all were great. Thank you."
  • Karen: "Very responsive and answered all my questions. Unusual but fabulous customer-centric experience."
  • Brian: "She has been helpful, clear, attentive, & overall a great help!"

These testimonials underscore the high standards of care and support we aim to provide. Each interaction is an opportunity for us to prove that when you choose Dr. Killigan’s, you're not just purchasing a product—you're gaining a partner dedicated to your well-being.

Environmental impact and safety of Dr. Killigan's products

At Dr. Killigan's, our commitment to full disclosure is also about demonstrating the tangible benefits of our non-toxic products. Unlike conventional toxic pesticides that often lead to resistance among pests like the German cockroach, our solutions are designed to avoid contributing to this growing problem. By opting for natural ingredients, we prevent pests from developing resistance, which is commonly seen with synthetic pesticides that lose efficacy over time.

Moreover, our products are safe for your home and our environment. Traditional pesticides can remain in the soil and accumulate in the wildlife food chain, leading to bioaccumulation. This not only harms local wildlife, such as white-tailed deer or ospreys, but can also lead to broader ecological imbalances. Our non-toxic approach means that when you use Dr. Killigan's products, you're not introducing harmful chemicals into the environment or risking the health of your family and pets.


The health effects associated with common pesticides are a significant concern, as highlighted by environmental advocates like Rachel Carson. Many pesticides have been linked to serious health issues, including effects on the nervous system, skin irritation and even potential carcinogenic properties. At Dr. Killigan’s, our pest control solutions are formulated to ensure safety without compromising effectiveness. By choosing our products, you’re not only opting for effective pest management but also protecting the health of your household and contributing to a safer environment.


This focus on environmentally friendly practices and the health benefits of using non-toxic products aligns with our core values and our promise to you. We continue to innovate, ensuring our products meet the highest safety standards while effectively addressing your pest control needs. By providing you with all the necessary information about our products, we help you make informed decisions that are good for your home and the planet.

Conclusion: Committing to a transparent future

As we continue to uphold the principle of full disclosure at Dr. Killigan's, our commitment to transparency is not just about maintaining current standards but also about pushing boundaries and innovating for the future. The introduction of Six Feet Under Barricade (SFUB), slated for release in 2025, is a testament to our ongoing efforts to enhance your home's safety and comfort. SFUB is not just another product; it’s a protective barrier designed to safeguard your entire home. With a residual effect that lasts up to 90 days and the natural potency of peppermint and wintergreen oils, SFUB represents our dedication to developing solutions that are both effective and environmentally responsible.

Looking ahead, Dr. Killigan's remains steadfast in our mission to innovate while keeping your family’s health and safety at the forefront. We are excited to continue expanding our line of plant-based products, ensuring that each new addition adheres to the highest standards of safety and environmental care. Our future initiatives will focus on enhancing transparency and customer education, so you are always informed and confident about the choices you make with our products.

Thank you for your trust and loyalty. At Dr. Killigan’s, we pledge to keep you informed and assured, ensuring that your home remains a sanctuary, free of pests and harmful chemicals. Together, let’s look forward to a healthier, more transparent world, starting with every bottle of Dr. Killigan's we bring into our homes.

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