Dr. Killigan’s: Safe for families, lethal for insects

Embracing non-toxic pest control

Greetings. Today I find it imperative to echo a reassurance and recommit to our steadfast dedication to safeguarding the sanctity of your homes, your families and your gardens. Central to our relentless endeavors is a fundamental principle: meticulously crafting an environment where tranquility reigns supreme, unmarred by the unwelcome disruptions from diminutive invaders that jeopardize our spaces.

Values: Uncompromising sophistication and safety

Navigating through the heart of Dr. Killigan’s ethos reveals an intriguing story where your family's safety and potent efficacy aren’t merely coexisting but are harmoniously intertwined. We stand firm in our belief that the potency of solutions need not be reflected through an aggressive stance. Indeed, their most profound impact is often discreetly masked, quietly operating in the background to eradicate pests while leaving the tranquility of your surroundings undisturbed. Such nuanced effectiveness is woven into our solutions, deploying nature’s own mechanisms — like utilizing essential oils that are off-putting to pests but entirely harmless to humans and pets — ensuring a lethal outcome for unwanted visitors while preserving a sanctuary for your loved ones.

Navigating the myriad of available solutions, Dr. Killigan's offerings emerge distinctively, meticulously crafted to be 100% non-toxic, sophisticated and efficient.

safe, non-toxic pest control

Our odyssey sifts through every secret nook of nature’s wisdom, presenting solutions that gently caress your environment and its inhabitants, safeguarding every child’s chuckle and every pet’s tranquil sleep. For example, our Dust to Dust not only prevents pest infestations but also becomes a nurturing ally to your plants, flourishing them with a potent blend of peppermint and rosemary oils, ensuring pests are deterred while your flora thrives undisturbed. This same blend, uniquely formulated into tiny, technologically advanced particles, effectively penetrates insect armor, dehydrating them swiftly and putting an end to their disruptive invasions. Furthermore, Sweet Surrender, crafted with a blend of vinegar, sucrose and citrus, doesn’t just serve as a subtle sentinel against pests but also elegantly melds into your living spaces, whispering a tale where safety and sophistication dance in a timeless embrace.

Vision: Building confidence, peace and control

Dr. Killigan’s harbors a deeply embedded vision: "To restore Confidence, Peace and Control to every person who finds unwanted pests in their home. Keeping you and your family safe from pests and toxins by Killing Them Softly® is the name of the bug-killing game." Every ounce of our efforts and every grain of our products resonate with this principle, embodying a relentless pursuit towards manifesting an environment where you, our esteemed patrons, regain an unwavering dominion over your spaces, extinguishing the disturbance of invasive pests with kindness and empathy towards the delicate balance of our shared ecosystem.

In the oasis of safety created by our products, peace is cultivated not merely by the eradication of pests but by the assurance that this eradication doesn’t impose other threats. There’s tranquility in knowing that the guardians against pests in your home operate without unleashing a cascade of chemical threats that could bring about short-term issues, including skin irritations, eye damage and respiratory problems, or life-altering long-term issues, including neurological damage and cancer. Our Six Feet Under non-toxic insect killer, created with a careful blend of clove and cinnamon essential oils harmonized with soybean oil, embodies this assurance. It stands as a testament to our commitment to providing both indoor and outdoor solutions that coexist harmoniously with your family and pets while declaring war against invasive pests.

peace-with-non-toxic-pest-controlMoreover, aligning with the principles set by the EPA's “minimum risk pesticide list,” our products are exempt from federal registration, affirming they pose “little to no risk to human health or the environment.” This distinction is not taken lightly; it's backed by rigorous testing and steadfast quality assurance, ensuring a gentle interaction with your surroundings while delivering lethal outcomes for unwanted invaders.

Utilizing mechanical kill strategies, such as the ones employed by our product, The Fly Inn, allows us to effectively eliminate pests without saturating your environment with harmful chemicals. The Fly Inn provides an example of this approach, as it utilizes mechanical means to combat winged invaders along windows and sliding doors, ensuring they cannot develop a resistance. Because insects can't adapt to these non-chemical methods, the enduring efficacy and dependability of our solutions are preserved, safeguarding your home against both current and potential future invasions.

Mission: Searching the world for the most effective pest control solutions

Our mission at Dr. Killigan's speaks to the heart of why we exist: "To search the world for the most effective pest control solutions provided by nature…so you don’t have to." This steadfast commitment propels us forward, fueling our unyielding pursuit in traversing the globe, exploring the boundless offerings of nature, and unearthing solutions that promise not only to eliminate unwelcome pests but to do so with the utmost respect for the environments and spaces we inhabit. We tread gently yet firmly, ensuring that the measures we adopt embody a blend of nature's robust prowess and a gentle touch that safeguards both you and our planet.

One of such robust, yet gentle solutions is our Cedar Planks, which stand as silent sentinels, safeguarding your wool, fur, leather and other keratin-rich fabrics throughout all four seasons. Crafted from pure eastern red cedar, diligently sourced from the renewable forests within the United States, they reflect our commitment to harnessing nature's own protective measures in a manner that is not only effective but also eco-conscious and safe for your belongings and environments. 

Simultaneously, our quest to abolish harmful pests does not forsake acknowledgment from those well-versed in home care and improvement.


The endorsement of our Premium Pantry Moth Traps by eminent names, such as the renowned home improvement connoisseur Bob Vila, alongside the dependability placed upon them by myriad households and professionals, silently yet powerfully echoes the successful realization of our mission. It signals not just an achievement but a continuing commitment to pioneering solutions that seamlessly blend effectiveness with environmental and household safety.

In conclusion: An assurance of trust and efficacy

In the backdrop of our shared journey towards pristine homes, our promise remains steadfast: to offer you an armor of protection that is as gentle to your loved ones as it is lethal to pests. With Dr. Killigan’s, you don't just get products; you embrace a philosophy where care and potency go hand in hand, ensuring that every corner of your home remains a sanctuary, untouched by pests or harmful chemicals.

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