Green pest control: Safeguarding your home and the planet


Did you know that according to a recent survey by the EPA, 75 percent of U.S. households used at least one pesticide product indoors during the past year? Even more startling, studies suggest that 80 percent of most people's exposure to pesticides occurs indoors. These figures reveal a significant, often overlooked risk to human health and the environment. 

At Dr. Killigan’s, we emphasize pest control solutions that protect your home and safeguard the air you breathe and the environment we all share.

Beyond our homes, pesticides pose an extensive threat to the environment. Commercial pesticide applicators, farmers and homeowners apply about 1 billion pounds of pesticides annually to agricultural land, non-crop land and urban areas throughout the United States. This extensive use can leach into groundwater and contaminate water supplies, as reported by the US Geological Survey, which has found pesticides in many of the nation's groundwater aquifers. This widespread contamination poses risks to wildlife and human populations downstream, highlighting the critical need for environmentally responsible and effective pest control methods—indoors and outdoors. 

At Dr. Killigan’s, we not only ensure that our pest control methods are effective but also uphold the strictest environmental standards. Our products meet these standards with ingredients recognized by the EPA for posing "minimum risk" to both human health and the environment, reflecting our deep commitment to sustainability and safety.

How do pesticides harm the environment?


The use of conventional pesticides has long been a concern for environmental safety. These chemicals often persist in the soil and waterways long after their application, leading to contamination that can affect non-target species and disrupt local ecosystems. The runoff from these pesticides can contaminate rivers, lakes and even drinking water supplies, posing a threat to wildlife and human populations.

Moreover, the widespread use of pesticides contributes to the decline of essential pollinators such as bees and butterflies, which play a crucial role in our food supply. By choosing Dr. Killigan’s pest control methods, you're opting for solutions that avoid these environmental pitfalls, ensuring that your pest management practices are in harmony with ecological health. For more on how Dr. Killigan's adheres to the safest environmental practices, explore:

    How do pesticides harm people?

    The impact of pesticides on human health can be profound. According to Penn State Extension, because all pesticides are biologically active to be effective, they also pose potential hazards to humans and animals. The toxicity of pesticides can cause a range of acute effects such as irritation to the skin, eyes and respiratory system, and can also lead to more severe poisoning symptoms like nausea, vomiting and even respiratory depression depending on the level of exposure. 

    Dr. Killigan’s methods offer a non-toxic alternative for effective pest control. Our products use natural ingredients that are effective against pests yet gentle enough to ensure the safety of your home environment.

    To understand more about the detrimental effects of common pest control chemicals and how they contribute to diseases, read:

      How do pesticides harm animals?


      Pesticides don’t discriminate between pests and beneficial animals, often harming the latter. Pets can easily come into contact with these chemicals, whether through direct contact with treated areas or by ingesting contaminated water or food. This exposure can lead to symptoms ranging from mild irritations to serious health complications or even death.

      Dr. Killigan’s products are designed with the safety of all household members in mind, including your four-legged friends. Our pest control solutions provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your efforts to protect your home from pests do not inadvertently harm your pets or local wildlife. For more insights on maintaining a pest-free environment that is safe for pets, dive into:

        How green can Dr. Killigan's really be?

        Dr. Killigan’s upholds the highest environmental standards, reflecting our deep commitment to sustainability. To further explore our environmentally friendly ingredients, see:

          By choosing Dr. Killigan’s, you're not only making a choice that's good for your home but also one that supports a healthier planet. For more insights into our products' safety and effectiveness, explore:

            Conclusion: A safer, greener future


            Embrace Dr. Killigan's pest control solutions and make a significant impact—not just in combating pests but in fostering a healthier environment for your family and the planet. 

            Act now to revolutionize your approach to pest control, ensuring safety without compromising efficacy. Discover our range of eco-friendly products today and see firsthand how our innovative solutions stand out in the realm of environmentally responsible pest management. Visit Dr. Killigan's to start your journey toward a greener, safer home.

            Gain deeper insights into our pioneering techniques and the rigorous standards behind our products with these informative resources:

              Stay informed and take decisive steps that reflect your care for home safety and environmental well-being.

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