From pests to cleanliness: 12 uses of Dust to Dust for eco-conscious living

From pests to cleanliness: 12 uses of Dust to Dust for eco-conscious living

In the realm of non-toxic solutions, Dr. Killigan's Dust to Dust emerges as a beacon of eco-conscious living. As an effective alternative to diatomaceous earth insect killers, Dust to Dust offers a myriad of uses that extend beyond mere pest control. Its unique formula, blending nano-tech essential oils and fine silica particles, presents a new horizon in household maintenance—safe for you, your pets and the environment. Let's explore the versatile applications of Dust to Dust, exemplifying how one product can revolutionize your approach to a healthier, more sustainable home.

1. Dust to Dust annihilates ants 

In the quest to answer the common question, "Will diatomaceous earth kill ants?" homeowners often overlook incredible non-toxic alternatives like Dr. Killigan's Dust to Dust. This innovative product outshines traditional methods like diatomaceous earth in ant elimination. Its advanced formula is specifically designed to breach the exoskeletons of ants, leading to swift dehydration upon contact. For optimal results, apply Dust to Dust along known ant trails, entry points and near their nests. This targeted approach ensures a rapid and effective resolution to your ant problem, making it a go-to solution for ant control.

2. Dust to Dust controls cockroaches 

For a comprehensive approach against roaches, Dust to Dust, our advanced diatomaceous earth alternative, should be applied meticulously. To maximize its effectiveness, sprinkle the powder in areas where roaches are frequently spotted or suspected to hide, such as under sinks, along baseboards, in corners and near garbage bins.


Focus on applying fine dusting, as roaches are likely to avoid large piles of powder. (For effective, precise fine dusting, I recommend using the Insect Buster). 

One of our customers, Cat, shares her positive experience: "I strategically placed Dust to Dust in my home, particularly targeting the hiding spots. Since then, I haven't seen a single roach." This real-life testimony highlights the practicality and efficacy of Dust to Dust in roach control. 

3. Dust to Dust eradicates ticks and fleas 

Dust to Dust, often compared to diatomaceous earth in effectiveness, is excellent for tick control and flea control. To use this non-toxic solution, sprinkle it lightly on pet bedding, kennels and outdoor areas where pets play. The formula works similarly to how diatomaceous earth kills ticks, targeting the exoskeletons of these pests, leading to their dehydration and elimination. Regular applications create a protective barrier, safeguarding your pets and home. 

4. Dust to Dust banishes silverfish 

Silverfish, though harmless to humans, can be a real concern, especially during winter.  These pests are known for sneaking into homes, often through small openings or by hitching a ride on stored items like holiday decorations. They're particularly attracted to paper products, damaging books, wallpapers and fabrics. Dust to Dust is best applied in areas where silverfish are likely to congregate, such as bookshelves, wardrobes and storage spaces. Additionally, as a preventive measure, apply Dust to Dust around potential entry points, like cracks or gaps, during colder months to deter these unwelcome guests.

5. Dust to Dust’s silica strengthens plants

Dust to Dust, with its silica-rich formula, is an excellent ally for your garden, especially beneficial in zones with extended fall seasons and winter crops. Silica, a vital nutrient for plants, strengthens cell walls, enhancing their resistance to pests and diseases.


By applying Dust to Dust in your garden, you not only defend against aphids, gnats and other insects but also bolster your plants' health. Its plant-friendly properties make it safe for use around plants, ensuring they thrive even during the colder months. Regular application can lead to a robust winter crop, showcasing the dual role of Dust to Dust as both a pest deterrent and a plant fortifier.

6. Dust to Dust provides indoor cleanliness 

Harnessing the power of Dust to Dust indoors is akin to deploying a secret weapon against bugs without resorting to toxic chemicals. Safe and effective, this eco-conscious alternative to diatomaceous earth can be strategically used in various parts of your home, including kitchens, bathrooms and living areas. Its fine particles work wonders in nooks and crannies, providing a barrier against invading pests. Whether sprinkled behind appliances, along baseboards or in hard-to-reach corners, Dust to Dust acts as a silent guardian, maintaining the sanctity of your indoor environment

7. Dust to Dust offers outdoor defense 

Embrace the efficacy of Dust to Dust in fortifying the perimeter of your home against unwanted crawling insects. Its unique formulation makes it an ideal line of defense in outdoor settings.


By applying a protective ring of Dust to Dust around the foundation of your home, along pathways and near potential entry points, you create an invisible barrier that repels a variety of pests. This proactive approach ensures that your outdoor living spaces remain free from intruders like ants, earwigs and silverfish, safeguarding the threshold of your home while maintaining harmony with nature.

After heavy rainfalls, it's crucial to reapply Dust to Dust to ensure continuous protection, as the elements can diminish its effectiveness. 

8. Dust to Dust is safe for pets

Dust to Dust offers a pet-friendly solution for flea and tick control. A light dusting of Dust to Dust on your pet's bed, mats and other resting places can effectively deter pests. It's important to work the powder into the fabric for better results. While it does contain minimal quantities of essential oils and silica, these elements are meticulously balanced to minimize the risk of skin irritation. Our advice is to exercise discretion when considering its use directly on your pet, particularly for those with sensitive skin. Should you decide to apply Dust to Dust on your furry friend, proceed with a gentle touch and remain vigilant for any signs of discomfort, ensuring the well-being of your cherished companion remains a top priority.

9. Dust to Dust is an eco-conscious solution

Embodying the spirit of sustainable living, Dust to Dust offers a conscientious solution to pest control. Not only is its formula biodegradable, ensuring it harmlessly breaks down in the environment, but it also boasts the distinction of being exempt from the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). This exemption underscores the minimal risk Dust to Dust poses to humans and the environment, highlighting our commitment to ecological responsibility. Derived from eco-friendly sources, Dust to Dust is more than an effective insect killer; it's a key player in fostering a healthier planet, reflecting Dr. Killigan's dedication to sustainable, responsible living.

10. Dust to Dust is non-toxic for children

In a world increasingly aware of the dangers lurking in common pest control products, Dust to Dust emerges as a beacon of safety, especially for the youngest and most vulnerable members of your family. This non-toxic formula stands as a testament to our commitment to health and safety, completely free from hazardous chemicals. It represents not just a product, but a promise – a promise of a home environment where safety and well-being are paramount, untainted by the hidden risks often associated with conventional pest control solutions.

11. Dust to Dust is versatile 

In the shadowy corners and hidden recesses of your abode, where unwelcome guests often lurk unseen, Dust to Dust emerges as a formidable guardian. Its remarkable adaptability allows for effortless application in the most elusive of spaces – from the inner sanctums of kitchen cabinets to the secluded nooks of your attic. Be it along the silent perimeters of your rooms or the concealed crevices of your bathroom, this powder stands as a steadfast bulwark against a plethora of household pests. Its simplicity in deployment makes it an unparalleled ally in both forestalling invasions and vanquishing present foes. For the discerning guardian of the home, I commend the use of our Insect Buster with its brass extension rod – a tool designed to reduce disarray and ensure precision in reaching those hard-to-reach havens of insects.

12. Dust to Dust can be used for prevention and treatment

Use Dust to Dust proactively to prevent infestations or as a treatment to eliminate existing pests.


Its versatility in application caters to all stages of pest control. Regular application in key areas such as entry points and potential nesting sites can keep your home pest-free. If an infestation is already present, Dust to Dust acts swiftly to eliminate pests, restoring peace and cleanliness to your environment.

Conclusion: Joining hands with Dr. Killigan's for an eco-friendly home

Join Dr. Killigan’s family today and revolutionize your approach to a non-toxic, sustainable lifestyle. Dust to Dust is not just another pest control product, it's a key to unlocking a healthier, safer home environment. We invite you to explore the proven effectiveness of Dust to Dust and discover its versatility for yourself. Visit our website to learn more about our range of eco-friendly solutions and take the first step towards a cleaner, greener home. Choose Dust to Dust for peace of mind and join us in our mission to nurture a healthier, safer world, one home at a time. Explore and shop now.

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