Indoor and outdoor ant killer: Safe for pets and effective for every space


Ants, although tiny, can pose big problems when they invade our homes and gardens. For those of us with pets, ants aren't just an inconvenience; they pose a real challenge. So, how do we, at Dr. Killigan's, address this issue while always keeping your beloved pets' safety at the forefront? We answer this question by ensuring that an ant killer that is safe for pets isn't just an option—it's a priority. Join us as we delve into pet-friendly solutions for both your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Safety above all: The Dr. Killigan's commitment

At the heart of Dr. Killigan’s ethos is a promise—a vow to keep our homes and gardens ant-free, all while ensuring the safety of our beloved pets. Our furry friends are not just animals; they're family. Their curious natures often lead them to explore spaces that we've treated for pests, making it essential to opt for ant-killer solutions that prioritize pet safety.

Every product under the Dr. Killigan’s brand, from formulations to applications, undergoes rigorous testing. Our focus? To ensure that while ants (and other pests) find our solutions formidable, our pets find them harmless. It's not just about extermination; it's about ensuring a harmonious living space for all. This dedication ensures that when you see the Dr. Killigan's label, you're not just getting effective pest control but also a peace of mind that your pets are safe.

An indoor ant killer that is safe for pets: Crafting a protected sanctuary with Six Feet Under

The coziness of our homes, the warmth of our kitchens and the crumbs on our floors are alluring to ants. Battling these intruders without endangering our pets is not just a requirement; it's a responsibility. The choices we make can influence the wellbeing of our four-legged companions who trust us implicitly.

Enter Dr. Killigan’s Six Feet Under. Designed with both efficacy and safety at its core, this ant killer promises potent action against ants, all while keeping your pets' well-being at the forefront.


Six Feet Under is immediately lethal to a wide range of ants such as the Argentine ant, black house ant, fire ant, odorous house ant and the resilient pharaoh ant. It works both on contact and provides residual protection for up to 30 days. The secret lies in its carefully crafted blend of clove essential oil, cinnamon essential oil and soybean oil. Lab-validated, this combination breaks down the ants’ exoskeletons, enhancing the formula’s absorption into their systems, rendering them powerless.

But here's where Six Feet Under truly stands out: its plant-based formulation ensures that while it's deadly to ants, it remains safe for our pets. The natural ingredients mean there are no harmful residues or chemicals, giving you the peace of mind that your ant problem can be resolved without risking your pets' health. With Dr. Killigan’s commitment to safety and effectiveness, homeowners can rest easy, knowing they’ve made the right choice.

An outdoor ant killer that is safe for pets: Defending our open spaces with Dust to Dust

When it comes to safeguarding our outdoor spaces from pests, while also ensuring the safety of our pets, Dr. Killigan's Dust to Dust emerges as a trusted ally. This outdoor ant killer has been meticulously designed to combat a broad spectrum of ant species without compromising on safety.

Dust to Dust stands out with its potent combination of natural and plant-based ingredients, including rosemary and peppermint essential oils, complemented by silica


These ingredients not only target nuisances like the odorous house ant, pavement ant and the formidable black carpenter ant but also effectively deter a range of winged and crawling pests. Homeowners will appreciate its comprehensive protective shield against outdoor invaders. What adds to its appeal is the long-lasting protection it offers. Instead of frequent applications, a careful puff around crucial entry points such as doorways, windows and crevices suffices. For those in the midst of an insect onslaught, bolstering defenses is crucial. Apply Dust to Dust directly to the problem's epicenter. Reapplication is only necessary after heavy rains or if the treated zone is disrupted, ensuring the protective barrier stays intact.

Perhaps most importantly, while Dust to Dust is relentless against pests, it remains gentle on our environment and the creatures we hold dear. Its toxin-free formula ensures that families, including our four-legged members, can enjoy their outdoor spaces without the worry of harmful chemicals. Whether used as a preventive barrier or an active measure against infestations, Dr. Killigan's commitment to safety and effectiveness shines brightly with Dust to Dust.


With ants being ubiquitous invaders, the need for solutions that work without compromising on safety is paramount. Dr. Killigan’s, with its unwavering commitment to pet safety, ensures that pet-safe ant killers are not just a label but a lifestyle. Be it indoors or outdoors, with Dr. Killigan’s products, you're always assured of a space where pets are safe and ants are not.

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