Banish the bugs, reclaim your pantry: The power of pantry moth traps


Ah, the dreaded pantry moth. Those fluttery pests and their wriggling larvae can transform a haven of culinary delights into a battlefield of infestation. Fear not, for Dr. Killigan is here to guide you in reclaiming your pantry and restoring peace to your kitchen kingdom.

In this article, we delve into the potent power of pantry moth traps, your secret weapon against these unwelcome winged guests.

Unveiling the pantry moth menace: A battle against a thousand grubs


Before we charge headlong into battle, let us first assess the villainous forces plaguing our pantries. The dreaded pantry moth may seem a mere nuisance, but let me assure you, its larvae are warriors of unparalleled grubbiness. Imagine these wriggling off-white hordes feasting on your precious foodstuffs, leaving a trail of silken webbing and frass, a grim tapestry of their gastronomic conquests. Grains, nuts, dried fruits, spices – naught is safe from their insatiable appetites. This is not a playground, but a battlefield, and your beloved pantry the prize.

However, for where these moth marauders tread, Dr. Killigan follows. Dr. Killigan Premium Pantry Moth Traps stand ready to lure these airborne adversaries to their sticky demise. Trust in my expertise, and together we shall reclaim your pantry, transforming it from a war zone of moth mayhem into a haven of culinary delights once more.

Trapping tactics: Luring moths with pheromones

Dr. Killigan recommends pheromone traps as the most effective solution for pantry moths. These traps mimic the alluring scents female moths emit to attract mates. Unsuspecting males blunder into the trap, drawn by this irresistible chemical call. Remember, friends, targeting the males disrupts their breeding cycle, ultimately stopping the infestation at its source.

Dr. Killigan's Premium Pantry Moth Traps features a proprietary blend of double-potent pheromones specifically designed to attract Indian meal moths, almond moths and other food moths. Let's delve into the details of these potent bug magnets:

  • Effective for three months: Once you peel back the protective layer, the pheromones remain effective for a full three months. Tip: Remember, if your trap gets filled with moths before then, swap it out. A full trap becomes less effective at attracting new moth recruits.
  • Unopened power: Good news. These traps store like moth-annihilating time capsules. Unopened, they maintain their potency for 3 years from the manufacturer date. So, stock up in preparation for any future moth incursions.
  • Safe and eco-friendly: Dr. Killigan's top priority is your well-being and the environment. Our traps are non-toxic and pose no harm to humans, pets or beneficial insects.

Deploying your decoys: Strategic placement for moth mayhem

Now, let's turn to your pantry battlefield. Place your traps strategically, focusing on areas with high moth activity or where you've identified past infestations. Think shelves and corners, near open containers of susceptible foods, and even doorways to intercept moths before they enter. Replace the sticky surfaces regularly to maintain maximum trapping effectiveness.


Here are some additional tips for successful deployment:

  • Experiment with location: Airflow can affect lure effectiveness, so don't hesitate to try different spots in your pantry or kitchen.
  • Don't get discouraged: Even if you don't see immediate results, be patient. It takes time to disrupt the entire lifecycle of an infestation.
  • Combine with prevention: Traps are your front-line defense, but remember, prevention is key. Store food in airtight containers, regularly declutter and clean your pantry and use natural deterrents like bay leaves or cedarwood.

Troubleshooting traps and beyond: Reclaiming your pantry for good

"My traps are out, but they don't seem to be catching many moths!" No worries, dear friend! Check if the protective layer is removed from the glue. Then, consider changing the location of your traps. And remember, if your traps get inundated with moths before 3 months, switch them out – it's a good sign your strategy is working. 

"My traps have lots of moths, but I still see them flying around!" Don't panic. Traps target males to disrupt breeding, but it takes time for the infestation to die out completely. Here's what you can do:

  • Hunt the hidden enemy: Examine your pantry for the real culprits – female moths and larvae. Look for webbing and tiny black dots (moth poo) in cereal boxes, bags and corners. Discard infested food immediately.
  • Cleanse the battlefield: Give your pantry a thorough vinegar and water scrub to eliminate any moth hiding places and remnants, followed up by a spritz of Six Feet Under Non-Toxic Insect Spray, which will kill any remaining eggs and larvae. 
  • Stay vigilant: Keep using traps even after visible moths disappear. It takes time for the entire lifecycle to be disrupted. Maintain your trapping regime and remain vigilant for at least three months even after you no longer see moths fluttering about. Consider this a period of mop-up, ensuring any stragglers or newly hatched larvae meet their sticky demise.
  • Utilize Six Feet Under: Direct this non-toxic kill-on-contact spray on pantry moths — in flight. It will quickly take them down. 

With these concluding steps, you've not only banished the immediate moth menace, but also sent a chilling message to any future moth armies contemplating an invasion of your delicious domain. As Sara proves, 'This works!!!!!!! Just buy it! We had pantry moths everywhere and these took them all out within a week!' 

But remember, victory doesn't spell complacency. Eternal vigilance is the price of a moth-free pantry. Maintain good hygiene practices, store food properly and keep Dr. Killigan's Premium Pantry Moth Traps at the ready. This way, you can forever enjoy your pantry as it should be: a haven of culinary delights, not a haven for winged fiends.

And should you ever find yourself facing a resurgence of moth activity, Dr. Killigan is always here to guide you. Simply visit or reach out to our team of pest control experts. We'll equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to banish the bugs and reclaim your pantry for good.

Now, go forth and feast, dear friends. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a moth-free pantry, and let your culinary creativity flourish. Remember, Dr. Killigan is always your trusted ally in the war against pantry pests. Bon appétit, and happy pest-free living. 

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