A safer future: Dr. Killigan’s non-toxic, effective and classy approach to pest control


At Dr. Killigan’s, we advocate for a revolution in pest control. Amidst prevalent use of harmful chemicals, we position ourselves as protectors of both your health and the environment's balance. Driven by our ethos of Killing Them Softly®, we don't just combat pests; we offer solace and peace of mind. Embark on this exploration into the heart of our mission, the value of nature-driven pest control and the debate between mechanical and chemical methodologies.

Redefining pest control: 100% non-toxic, 100% effective

Our homes are more than just buildings; they are sanctuaries, places where we seek comfort, safety and solace. Such sanctuaries rightfully deserve unwavering protection. However, the means of that protection shouldn't entail introducing potentially harmful agents. Traditional pest control, while adept at eradicating nuisances, exacts a concealed toll. The chemicals favored by many of these methods are formidable, tailored to quickly deter or dispatch pests. Yet, the rapid relief they offer often comes partnered with enduring repercussions. In our quest for immediate solutions, the long-term well-being of our households often becomes an afterthought. Moreover, the environmental footprint left behind by these chemical agents is frequently underestimated, leaving an imperceptible but profound impact. It's essential to realize that the health of our homes is intrinsically tied to the well-being of our environment.

The unseen dangers of traditional pest control:

The effectiveness of chemicals in battling pests is clear. However, the consequences they bring with them are often overlooked:

    • Human impact: Prolonged exposure to these chemicals can cause a variety of health disorders, ranging from allergies and respiratory issues to severe chronic conditions. The most vulnerable are our young ones and our beloved pets, given their still-developing and delicate systems.

Dr. Killigan’s stance on this matter is unequivocal. Beyond being a mere declaration, our mission acts as a beacon, guiding every solution we design. Grounded in our value statement – "Pest control solutions that are 100% non-toxic, 100% effective, and 100% sophisticated" – we believe in a method that's as effective as it is safe. Our vision transcends mere pest elimination; we envision homes where every nook and cranny resonates with the assurance of having opted for the safest, most elegant solution.

Redefining pest control: 100% classy

In the vast landscape of pest control, the word "sophistication" is seldom associated with solutions. Yet, Dr. Killigan's vision is to revolutionize this perception. For us, sophistication transcends the mere effectiveness of a solution. It speaks to the elegance and class with which the solution is integrated into one's living spaces. After all, while the end goal is a life without bugs, achieving this shouldn’t compromise the aesthetic or ambiance of our sanctuaries.


Dr. Killigan’s words, "My dream: a life without bugs. Safely, peacefully, and with serious class," aren't a mere tagline but the very essence of our philosophy. Every product we design and every method we advocate for is underpinned by this ethos. We believe that households shouldn't have to choose between efficacy and elegance. Why should traps be eyesores or deterrents be obtrusive? In a sophisticated home, every element, including pest control, should be seamlessly and tastefully integrated.

Our approach is not just about exterminating pests; it's about doing so with grace, ensuring that our solutions are not merely tucked away but can stand as testament to our commitment to quality and class.

The design, feel and even the scent of our products are crafted keeping in mind the discerning households of today. With Dr. Killigan's, pest control isn't a necessary evil; it's a sophisticated choice for those who refuse to compromise on safety, effectiveness, and, above all, class.

Technological innovations: Setting the gold standard in pest control

At Dr. Killigan's, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of innovation, combining scientific prowess with real-world effectiveness to bring products that aren't just effective but lead the industry in technological advancements.

  • Six Feet Under's residual effect: With our promise of ensuring maximum longevity, Six Feet Under stands out by offering a residual effect for up to 30 days. This enduring efficacy ensures that pests are kept at bay without the need for constant reapplication, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners and reducing the frequency of application.
  • Dust to Dust’s dual action formula: Our unique encapsulation technology in Dust to Dust® stands testament to our commitment to technological prowess. By encapsulating volatile essential oils within silica particles, we achieve a controlled release of volatile organic compounds. These compounds play a crucial role in disrupting the central nervous system of insects, ensuring their swift and efficient extermination. The brilliance of this formula doesn't stop there. Even after the volatile compounds have done their job, the silica continues its protective action, acting as both a carrier and barrier, ensuring longer-lasting results. The nano-sized particles of essential oil further boost the formula's potency, enhancing its cellular penetration capabilities.
  • Sweet Surrender’s ingenious engineering: In the relentless pursuit of a fruit fly-free home, Dr. Killigan’s Sweet Surrender is an engineering marvel. Our patent-pending design is a testament to precision and the science of attraction. Vent lines, perfectly calibrated, release an optimal aroma to irresistibly lure the pests. Each entrance hole, meticulously sized, ensures an invitation specifically to our targeted invaders. With Sweet Surrender, it's not just about capturing; it's about showcasing the pinnacle of design, functionality, and commitment to excellence in pest control.
  • The Fly Inn’s marvel of color: In the ever-evolving landscape of pest control, understanding the intricate behavioral patterns of pests is pivotal. Dr. Killigan's meticulous research into the visual preferences of flies has birthed a groundbreaking innovation - The Fly Inn. Rooted in the discovery that a specific shade of blue captivates the fly's visual spectrum, The Fly Inn is not just a trap; it’s a culmination of scientific research and design excellence. The trap's patent-pending visual attractant leverages this enticing blue, yielding an unparalleled attraction rate that stands testimony to its effectiveness. Much more than its aesthetic appeal, the coloration of The Fly Inn is a deliberate strategy, seamlessly blending the art of design with the precision of science, thereby setting a new gold standard in fly control.

Through these innovations, we hope to offer not just solutions but a sigh of relief for homeowners. Our technological advancements are our commitment to you - ensuring that with Dr. Killigan's, you're always several steps ahead of pesky pests.

Voices of our valued patrons:

At Dr. Killigan’s, we are immensely proud of our sophisticated and safe solutions. However, the real testament to our commitment comes directly from the households we serve. Hear from our valued customers about their firsthand experiences with our products:

  • Quality beyond expectation:
    "I want to compliment your company for making a quality product. I purchased the rubber powder dispenser. It is pure quality. Made extremely well. I am pleased that you make quality items. And think of all the needs the consumer has when using the product, including a funnel." Jerry
  • The pantry moth savior:
    "I'm not sure how it happened, but suddenly pantry moths were EVERYWHERE! My mum found these traps and the night I put them out I ordered a whole bunch more. The infestation was so bad, I was changing out the traps nearly every other day...sometimes every day. And that was with 4 traps in the worst room. I was also going into that room twice a day and vacuuming the moths off the ceiling and walls. Without these traps- we would have NEVER gotten rid of the moths. I'm always going to have these in stock!" Emiko H
  • Effortless fruit fly elimination:
    "This stuff WORKS. You just pour the solution into the jar and let the flies flock. In less than 24 hours, I had a jar full of dead fruit flies and a clean kitchen. I cleaned it out and used solution two just to be safe, and again, FULL of fruit flies. This thing is like a moth to a flame. We haven't seen a fruit fly since, but if we ever do, I'm getting a jar of this. Also, the trap doesn't stink up the room; you have to be right on it to get the vinegar smell." Anonymous

Such feedback underscores our commitment to offering pest control solutions that are not just effective and safe, but also seamlessly integrate into the lives of our users. We continually strive to live up to the trust and expectations of households across the globe.

In the realm of pest control, Dr. Killigan's emerges as a torchbearer of safe, sustainable, and sophisticated solutions. Our ethos goes beyond mere words; it’s a testament to our daily dedication. As we forge ahead, our unwavering commitment to non-toxic, efficient, and aesthetically-aligned solutions remains our guiding light. With Dr. Killigan’s, you are not just combating pests; you're advocating for a healthier, brighter tomorrow. Together, let's envision a world where harmful pests and harmful chemicals are both tales of the past.

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