Premium Pantry Moth Traps | 6 Pack

Premium Pantry Moth Traps | 6 Pack

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  • The best and most effective pheromone Pantry Moth Traps.

  • 100% Non-Toxic: Insecticide-free and completely safe solution to protect your family’s health.

  • Saves You Money: Protect your food and pantry items from further, or future, infestation.

  • Easy 1, 2, 3 Setup: Just open, peel, and fold. Clean and efficient. Potent pheromone attractant is already in the glue. No wafers needed! 

  • Killer Design: Moth traps that are dressed to impress and meant to be displayed, not hidden. 

The Costliest Mistake You Can Make With Pantry Moths: Ignore Them. 

Pantry moths are genuine pests, and are often carriers of harmful bacteria. They can be smuggled into your home inside food purchased from your common grocery store, and can wreak havoc in your kitchen and pantry. Your food is their home, (where they do the unimaginable), until they chew their way out and find another food source to contaminate. 

TRUTH: You can’t just throw out a couple of defiled items to eradicate moths. You must disrupt the mating cycle by eliminating the male moths, or they’ll be right back. These traps use the strongest pheromone attractant and the stickiest glue, to draw in unsuspecting males and stop the breeding process.

Effective Against: Indian Meal moths and other food moths. Not for use against clothing moths or gypsy moths. If you suspect you have a clothing moth problem, check out our Premium Clothing Moth Traps!

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What People Are Saying

"These Work Unbelievably Well!  These worked better than I could have hoped. They saved me a major problem of my own making."

- B. Belville

"Easy and safe for pantry moths! I like how easy these are to use and how they are effective for trapping the moths."

- Lynette

"Amazing!!!! We had a pantry moth issue for the first time and nothing worked until we got these!!! Got rid of all the bugs within 2 days!!!!"

- M. Tillery

"The pantry moths are gone! 

We placed 3 moth traps in our pantry, the trap near the door had 10 moths trapped within the first day. After three days all the moths were gone."

- TTiger

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Melissa J.

What the bleep is happening

The media could not be loaded.  We got a package that unfortunately had pantry moths in it. Thought it was only a few. Two weeks later I am seeing a few of them flying around the kitchen. Said this is annoying and ordered these traps. Set one up while talking to my husband about the packaging( make sure you play the Fugees while setting up) and put it on top of the cabinets not thinking it was going to do anything. Within literal seconds there was about 50 friggin moths flying around going for that trap. They were buzzing and whirring by our faces as we watched in amazement. There were so many. It was the like crownening with moths. It's only been up about 15 mins. I'll update in 24 hours with how many it caught. I've never been more impressed with a product in my life


I think these worked

I have had a infestation of moths of different kinds for ages, ever since purchase of a grain based kitty litter. I think this brand is the best I've tried. Finally I'm not seeing moths every day and the traps are full.


Dr. Killigan's, Inc.

Thank you for a great review. We are happy to hear that you are on your way to becoming moth-free. Dr. Killigan's Team



Had moths in our pantry. Cleaned out the food and they were still coming back. These traps caught them. Had to use them for a while, but eventually got rid of them. These have no smell. You put them in your pantry and check them occasionally.

Dr. Killigan's Promise

We provide the most effective, non-toxic pest control solutions sold online. If you’re not totally satisfied, we'll Either replace your product or offer a return.


100% Guaranteed. No risk to you.

Restore Peace

No More Worries. You Already Have Enough On Your Plate.

Restore Confidence

These Traps Just Work. They Are Unequaled In Potency, And Are Individually Foil-Sealed, Ensuring Long-Lasting Traps That Won't Expire Before Use.

Restore Control

Take Back Your Kitchen. Don’t Let Your Food Go To The Moths.

100% Non-Toxic

We are committed to providing pest control solutions that are completely non-toxic, insecticide-free, and 100% safe for you and your family.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our products. If you’re not totally satisfied, we'll either replace your product or offer a return. 100% Guaranteed.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We are dedicated to providing customer support that is second to none. Dr. Killigan's cares, and your success is always our goal. 

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Bottom Line:

This Is A Killer Product. 

Whether You Want Prevention, Have A Minor Problem, Or A Full Blown Infestation, Don’t Ignore Your Moth Problem.

Restore The Peace In Your Kitchen!  


I have my trap out. The moths fly in and out of it, but don't get stuck. What am I missing?

There is a protective layer of wax-like paper over the glue. Once you remove it, the glue will be exposed and the trap will have its maximum effect. See the instructions on the back of the box for more help.

Will these work in my closet for clothing moths?

Probably not. Different moths are attracted to different pheromones. Pantry moth traps work specifically on moths attracted to food. Verify that your moths are Indian Meal Moths (Plodia interpunctella). These are the most common pantry moths. The two most common clothing moths are Tineola bisselliella (the web-spinning clothes moth), or Tinea pellionella (the case-making clothes moth).

I touched the glue on the trap. How do I get it off my skin?

The glue is non-toxic and not harmful, but you do want to avoid contact with it because it is very sticky. If it gets on your skin, gently rub it with vegetable oil and then wash with soap and water. Repeat if necessary.

My traps have lots of moths, but I still see them flying around. What else can I do?

Placing moth traps in your kitchen, pantry, and cupboards will stop the mating process by trapping males. In order to eliminate the overall problem, (females and juveniles included), it is critical to find any contaminated food sources. Look inside plastic bags, cereal boxes, and in the corners of your pantry and cupboards. Look for small globs of webbing with tiny black dots of feces. Remove any contaminated food sources immediately, and dispose of them in a sealed bag in your outdoor trash receptacle. Then clean all areas of your kitchen, pantry, and cupboards with a mild detergent.

My traps are out, but they don't seem to be catching many moths. What should I do?

First, ensure that the protective layer is removed from the glue. Next, change the location of your traps to find the ‘sweet spot’. Due to varying airflow in a home, changing the location of your traps to help maximize its trapping efficiency is highly recommended.

How long do these traps last? When should I replace them?

The pheromone attractant is effective for three months once they have been removed from the foil wrapper. After that, they start to lose potency. Dispose of them sooner if they are full of moths.

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