Seize the moment: Dr. Killigan’s cyber Monday blowout sale


This Cyber Monday, Dr. Killigan's invites you to safeguard your home against uninvited winter guests – those pesky bugs seeking refuge in your cozy abode. As the cold sets in, insects look for warm places to hibernate, making your home a prime target. It's the perfect time to fortify your home against these tiny intruders, and what better way than with our exclusive 30% off deal on all multipacks and bundles? Equip yourself with the best defense at unbeatable prices and ensure a pest-free winter season.

Why choose Dr. Killigan’s?

  • Non-toxic assurance: Dr. Killigan's commitment to non-toxic solutions means you can protect your home without introducing harmful chemicals. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using products that are safe for your family and pets.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not happy for any reason, we offer a replacement or full refund. You can trust in our promise of quality and effectiveness.
  • Proven effectiveness: Hear it from our customers! Sara, on our Pantry Moth Traps: "This works!!!!!!! Just buy it! We had pantry moths everywhere and these took them all out within a week." L M Scher, on Sweet Surrender: "Lives up to the name! Every year we seem to get an influx of fruit flies in summer. Used this product and they were all happily dead within a week."
  • Safe and sophisticated solutions: At Dr. Killigan's, our values are clear: 100% non-toxic, 100% effective, and 100% sophisticated. Our products are designed with your safety, home aesthetics and pest elimination needs in mind.

Celebrate Cyber Monday with us and embrace a safer, more sophisticated approach to pest control.

Cyber Monday deals: Exclusive multipacks and bundles at Dr. Killigan's

Pantry Moth Traps multipack: These traps, endorsed by home improvement expert Bob Vila and over 250,000 households, are the top choice for eliminating pantry moths. Specifically designed to catch Indian meal moths, almond moths and other common food moths, they provide a safe, all-natural solution in kitchens and pantries. get-rid-of-pantry-moths-with-pantry-moth-trapsDr. Killigan’s Advanced Blue Stripe Formula combines potent pheromones with ultra-sticky glue, outperforming other traps. Each pack includes 6 traps, effective for up to three months, protecting a wide range of pantry items from damaging larvae. To be eligible for the Cyber Monday deal, purchase more than one box.

    Don't miss out on this chance to defend your pantry! Act now to grab this deal before it ends, and ensure your kitchen stays moth-free this winter. Purchase more than one box today to avail the special Cyber Monday discount!

    Clothing Moth Traps multipack: Dr. Killigan’s Premium Clothing Moth Traps® are the ultimate solution for eradicating clothes moths. Designed to catch webbing clothes moths and case-making moths, these traps offer a safe, natural solution for your closets and wardrobes.
    Featuring a proprietary, double-potent pheromone formula, they outperform all other traps on the market. Each pack includes 6 traps, each effective for up to three months, providing long-lasting protection for wool, silk, fur and other delicate fabrics. Protect your cherished clothing from moth damage with this highly effective, pet-friendly and eco-conscious solution. To enjoy our Cyber Monday deal, purchase more than one box and ensure lasting protection for your valuable clothing.

      Secure your wardrobes now with our top-rated traps. This Cyber Monday offer is your opportunity to protect your cherished clothing at a fantastic price. Remember, you need to purchase more than one box to enjoy this exclusive deal!

      Dr. Killigan's Pantry Protection Pair: This powerful bundle unites our Six Feet Under Non-Toxic Insect Spray with Premium Pantry Moth Traps for ultimate pantry defense. Six Feet Under, capable of eliminating over 50 insect species, works on contact and provides residual effects for up to 30 days. It's perfect for use on floors and entry points, tackling everything from ants to weevils. Its unique formula, blending clove and cinnamon essential oils with soybean oil, is lab-tested to break down insect exoskeletons effectively. Safe for use indoors and outdoors, it's the ideal choice for those seeking a people-friendly, pet-friendly solution to pest problems. Together with our Pantry Moth Traps, this bundle is your comprehensive guard against pests, maintaining the sanctity of your home without resorting to costly extermination services.

        Seize this opportunity to keep your pantry pest-free. Our Pantry Protection Pair is available at a special Cyber Monday price for a limited time. Don’t wait – safeguard your pantry today with this unbeatable offer!

        Dr. Killigan's Bug Slayer Bundle: Take control of your home's pest situation with our comprehensive Bug Slayer Bundle. This set includes the formidable Six Feet Under spray, our potent Sweet Surrender Fruit Fly Lure and Killer, and the innovative Fly Inn traps. Sweet Surrender, our strongest defense against fruit flies, is scientifically crafted to attract and eliminate them efficiently, ensuring your kitchen remains fruit fly-free.
        The Fly Inn offers an elegant solution for winged pests, using natural light and a visual attractant to capture them unobtrusively along windows and glass doors. This bundle is an all-encompassing answer to your household pest concerns, from kitchen nuisances to bothersome bugs near your windows.

          Combat kitchen nuisances and bothersome bugs effortlessly with our Bug Slayer Bundle. This comprehensive solution is yours for an incredible price this Cyber Monday. Take action now to ensure a pest-free home!

          Dr. Killigan's Kitchen Security Kit: Transform your kitchen into a fortress against pests with this specially curated bundle. Featuring the Six Feet Under spray, Sweet Surrender Fruit Fly Lure and Killer, and Pantry Moth Traps, it's the ultimate line of defense for any kitchen. Six Feet Under targets a wide range of insects on contact, while Sweet Surrender specifically targets fruit flies, offering a scientifically proven, non-toxic solution. The Pantry Moth Traps complete the trio, safeguarding your pantry from moth invasions. This kit not only promises, but delivers, a pest-free kitchen, appealing to the mindful homeowner who values a clean, safe and healthy living space.

            Transform your kitchen into a pest-free haven with our Kitchen Security Kit. Available now at a special Cyber Monday rate, this offer won’t last long. Secure your kit today and enjoy a peaceful, bug-free kitchen!


            Each of these bundles is crafted with Dr. Killigan’s commitment to non-toxic, effective, and sophisticated pest control, ensuring your home remains a safe and peaceful sanctuary. Protect your home this winter. We invite you to join us in celebrating this festive season. Raise a toast with Dr. Killigan's as we usher in a holiday season filled with peace, safety and joy in every pest-free home. Let's celebrate the spirit of the season together, embracing a healthier, happier living environment.

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