4 reasons you see houseflies in the winter (and how to stop them)


Welcome to the world of mindful pest control with Dr. Killigan's, where even in the depths of winter, your home remains a serene and fly-free haven. As the cold season sets in, many homeowners are perplexed by the persistence of houseflies, those unwelcome guests that seem to defy the chill. In this article, we’ll explore four reasons why you might find houseflies in your home during winter and how you can effectively prevent and stop them, the Dr. Killigan's way. Join us as we delve into an approach that marries effectiveness with environmental consciousness, ensuring your home is a safe, pest-free sanctuary for your family, all year round.

1. Indoor breeding sites: The hidden havens in your home


You might not realize it, but house flies often slip into your home in the fall, seeking a cozy refuge from the dropping temperatures. Once they're in, the warmth of your home becomes an ideal breeding ground. These uninvited guests adeptly find hidden spots, from tiny cracks and unnoticed nooks to wall voids and basements, to start their breeding cycle.

At Dr. Killigan's, we're all about providing smart, effective solutions. We believe in the power of regular, thoughtful housekeeping as a frontline defense against these wintertime invaders. It's the simple things that count: properly storing fruits and veggies, regular trash removal and maintaining spotless kitchen counters. These practices are your arsenal in disrupting the breeding cycle of houseflies. By removing potential breeding grounds, you're not just keeping your home tidy; you're actively reducing the likelihood of a housefly infestation. Our philosophy is clear: prevention is the most effective form of pest control. With these preventative measures and Dr. Killigan's safe, user-friendly pest control solutions, you can maintain a fly-free home throughout the colder months.

2. Warm indoor climates: Fall preparations for winter house fly prevention

Winter is a time when our homes become cozy sanctuaries from the cold; But, as we at Dr. Killigan’s know all too well, we're not the only ones seeking refuge. Houseflies, those uninvited intruders, often sneak into our homes. They find the perfect spots to hibernate, hidden in the warm recesses of your abode, waiting for warmer indoor temperatures to re-emerge. This often leads to the misconception of a winter (fly) infestation.

Here's Dr. Killigan’s insight: the best offense is a good defense, especially when it comes to these crafty critters. As autumn leaves start to fall, it's time to fortify your home. A meticulous inspection to identify and seal any potential entry points – think cracks, gaps and even the smallest openings – is essential. Caulking these spots and installing weather stripping are simple yet effective steps to keep these flies from turning your home into their winter hideout.


However, for the sneaky flies already inside, we have a solution. Enter the Fly Inn Fly Trap, Dr. Killigan’s innovative solution to this very problem. The Fly Inn isn’t just a fly trap; it’s a statement of elegance and efficiency. Designed to blend into your window spaces, it captures those dormant houseflies as they awaken and buzz around. The Fly Inn’s unique design – open at the top and lined with an irresistibly sticky surface – is a fly’s nightmare and a homeowner's dream. It’s non-toxic, safe for homes with kids and pets and, importantly, maintains the aesthetic integrity of your living spaces.

With Dr. Killigan’s, you’re not just addressing a pest problem; you’re adopting a lifestyle of proactive, mindful pest control. Combining the preventive measures of sealing up entry points with the tactical deployment of the Fly Inn, you’re setting up a fortress against winter houseflies. This dual strategy of prevention and targeted control is the essence of Dr. Killigan’s philosophy: effective, non-toxic pest management solutions that coexist beautifully with your daily life.

3. Microenvironments: Hidden havens for houseflies

Houseflies are not just after warmth; they seek the perfect breeding conditions, which they find in your home’s warm microenvironments. These can be near radiators, inside insulated walls, attics or beneath heat-emitting appliances – essentially, anywhere they can find the right mix of warmth and shelter.

As winter looms, it’s time for some of Dr. Killigan’s detective work. Conduct a thorough inspection of your home, particularly as autumn waves goodbye. Peek behind appliances, check under sinks and explore your attic. These spots, often ignored, can be the ideal hideouts for houseflies to spend their winter and multiply.


Now, for Dr. Killigan’s touch: targeting these microenvironments effectively. Our Dust to Dust Non-Toxic Insect Powder is just the weapon you need. Crafted with the environment in mind, it’s tough on flies but gentle on your home. To precisely target these hideaways, our Insect Buster Bulb Duster is the perfect tool. This nifty tool is a game-changer, allowing you to apply Dust to Dust accurately in hard-to-reach spots, ensuring you cover all the bases where flies might be lurking.

Using the Insect Buster, application becomes a breeze – no mess, no fuss. It’s about creating an environment that’s inhospitable for houseflies, stopping them from turning your home into their winter paradise. Regular patrols and strategic use of Dust to Dust can dramatically decrease the chances of a housefly invasion, keeping your home peaceful, healthy and fly-free. 

4. Winter survival skills: The housefly's life cycle adaptations


At Dr. Killigan's, we’re not just about controlling pests; we’re about understanding them. And when it comes to house flies in winter, their life cycle is a fascinating puzzle. Let’s break it down: a housefly’s journey from egg to adult typically whizzes by in just a week or so in warm weather. But come winter, their pace slows, unless, of course, they find a cozy spot in your home. Yes, your snug, warm home can be a year-round breeding ground for these clever critters.

Dr. Killigan's offers insight into their winter behavior. As autumn begins, adult house flies play a game of hide-and-seek. They slip into homes, finding secret nooks for hibernation. These dormant flies are quite the survivors, waiting out the cold in their safe havens. But, as your thermostat goes up, so does their activity. The warmth reawakens these flies, kick-starting their life cycle all over again, right under your roof.

This adaptation is a testament to their resilience but also a call to action for homeowners. Knowing this, you can stay one step ahead of these winter guests. It’s all about creating a space where house flies can’t thrive, no matter the season. At Dr. Killigan's, we believe in informed action, and understanding the life cycle of these flies is key to effective control.


Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential, but there's more you can do with Dr. Killigan's range of products.

To combat these resilient houseflies, Dr. Killigan's offers the Fly Inn, an effective solution for trapping awake houseflies. But to target them at every life stage, including larvae and pupae, our Dust to Dust is ideal. Apply it in potential breeding areas using our Insect Buster for precise application. This ensures you're not just dealing with adult flies but also preventing the next generation from taking over your home. By integrating these strategies, you can effectively break the housefly life cycle and keep your home fly-free, even during winter.

Final thoughts: Embrace a fly-free winter with Dr. Killigan's.

In conclusion, understanding the 'why' behind winter house flies opens the door to effective and environmentally responsible solutions. Dr. Killigan's invites you to embrace our holistic approach to pest control. Our range of non-toxic, eco-friendly products not only addresses the immediate concern of houseflies but also contributes to a healthier, more sustainable living environment. Don't let pesky flies disrupt your winter tranquility. Choose Dr. Killigan's and take a stand for a pest-free, safe and harmonious home.

Explore our full range of products on our website, and feel free to reach out for personalized advice. Should you need any assistance or personalized advice, our dedicated customer service team is here to help. Join our community of mindful homeowners who prioritize safety, effectiveness and environmental care. Say goodbye to winter house flies and hello to peace of mind with Dr. Killigan's – where every season is a celebration of a healthy, happy home.

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