Fly trap attractant secrets: What entices flies to the trap


Together, let’s explore the intriguing intersection of nature and science. Let's delve into the underlying mysteries of what attracts the common housefly.

In this exploration, we'll focus on the housefly's predilection for certain hues, (a discovery that's central to The Fly Inn's design).

The enigmatic attraction of houseflies

While scents like decaying matter or sweet substances are potent lures for houseflies, incorporating such odors into a trap poses challenges. A trap with a discernible foul or sweet scent is impractical for indoor use, and engineering a long-lasting, non-toxic scented trap is a complex task.

Consequently, we turned our focus towards visual attractants, a more feasible and appealing approach for household use. This led to the development of our Fly Inn trap, which exploits the housefly's attraction to certain colors. By targeting their visual cues, we offer a clean, odorless and effective solution for trapping these unwelcome guests.

The power of blue in fly attraction

Through extensive research, we've discovered that blue is not just another color for the housefly – it's a beacon. Our studies indicate that certain shades of blue significantly increase the likelihood of capturing these pests.


In fact,  their average attraction rate for specific blue shades was 78.91% higher than for the control, showcasing a significant improvement. Thus, the blue hues used in The Fly Inn are specifically chosen to maximize attraction, creating a virtual magnet for flies.

This phenomenon can be attributed to the fly's complex visual system, which finds blue light intensely appealing. Flies are most attracted to a mix of ultraviolet light and black shadows, but in terms of pure color preference, blue stands out as the most captivating. Studies suggest that blue light might hit more of the fly’s visual receptors than other colors, making it the most intense and, consequently, the most interesting color to a fly. Given a choice, flies generally gravitate towards blue areas, especially if there’s no visual noise to distort their perception.

Thus, the specific shades of blue used in The Fly Inn are not just attractive but are tailored to tap into these sensory preferences, creating an irresistible lure for flies.

The Fly Inn: A haven for houseflies

The Fly Inn trap's design cleverly exploits the housefly's natural tendencies. It's not just the color that makes it effective but also the inclusion of darker shades and patterns. These create an illusion of shade and shelter, appealing to the housefly's instinct to move from light to darkness. This design mimics their natural environment, where they often seek respite in shaded areas.

By combining these visual cues with a sticky surface, The Fly Inn becomes an inescapable trap for houseflies. 

The Fly Inn: Revolutionizing eco-friendly pest control

The Fly Inn stands as a hallmark of Dr. Killigan's dedication to eco-conscious pest management.


This trap is not just about ensnaring houseflies; it's a versatile solution against fruit flies, gnats, wasps, mosquitoes, carpenter bees, moths and other flying pests. Its discreet open-top design, equipped with trap-and-hide inner walls, ensures an uncluttered appearance, free from visible dead insects. Each package provides two traps and four non-toxic sticky glue inserts, designed for long-lasting effectiveness—up to three months per trap.

This leap in pest control technology also embodies the principles of mechanical control—a method acclaimed for its eco-friendliness. Eschewing chemicals, The Fly Inn offers a safe, non-toxic alternative. Its design simplicity makes it a practical, efficient tool for daily use. By choosing The Fly Inn, you're not only opting for effective pest control but also supporting a movement towards responsible, sustainable living. 

Embracing a safer, cleaner home with The Fly Inn

Experience the tranquility of a pest-free home with The Fly Inn. Our trap eschews harmful chemicals, offering a safer alternative for families. Enjoy the simplicity and effectiveness of a non-toxic solution. Visit our website to learn more about The Fly Inn and our range of eco-friendly pest solutions. Choose Dr. Killigan's for nature, science and effectiveness harmoniously blended. Shop now for The Fly Inn – your partner in sustainable, effective pest control.

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