Experience the natural shield: Dr. Killigan’s Cedar Ward for mindful pest control


In the quiet corners of a mindful home, nature’s silent guardianship stands vigilant. Dr. Killigan’s Cedar Ward embodies this guardianship, blending ancient wisdom with contemporary living. This exceptional spray, crafted from the essence of Eastern red cedar, offers a natural and potent pest control solution.

At Dr. Killigan’s, we harness the pure essence of this formidable tree, transforming it into a potent spray that acts as a bastion against pests. With Cedar Ward, we invite you into an aromatic world where each spray ensures your home remains serene and insect-free.

Cedar oil pest control: The robust repellant

The quest for a peaceful home is often marred by the tiny intruders that lurk in the shadows. Dr. Killigan’s Cedar Ward emerges as a powerful ally, its cedar oil is recognized for its ability to deter moths, cockroaches, ticks and silverfish with a scent as deterring to them as it is delightful to us.

Highlighted research findings: 

Study on urban pestsResearch led by Arthur G. Appel, Ph.D., from Auburn University, underscores cedar's efficacy. This study demonstrated a significant repellent effect on pests such as brown-banded and German cockroaches and firebrats. Notably, the repellency level was directly proportionate to the amount of cedar present, emphasizing the importance of adequate application for optimal protection. During a seven-day exposure, there was no mortality among the pests, confirming cedar's role as a repellent, not a pesticide.

Traditional knowledge and scientific validation:
Further research, including a 1975 study by Sabine, delves deep into cedar's pest control capabilities, pinpointing two naturally occurring compounds: cedrene and cedrol. These components disrupt the reproductive cycles of pests like the peanut trash bug, the Indian meal moth, and the forage mite. By interrupting these cycles, Cedar Ward prevents these pests from finding sanctuary within your home.


The implications of these findings are profound. Dr. Killigan’s Cedar Ward, when used as directed, saturates your cedar with the very essence of this potent natural repellent, creating a barrier that pests are hardwired to avoid. This drives them away without harm and preserves the sanctuary of your home. The research confirms what we at Dr. Killigan’s have long championed: that our Cedar Ward is a vital component in maintaining a pest-free environment.

Application is simplicity itself. A generous misting of Dr. Killigan’s Cedar Ward onto bare, unsealed cedar wood works into the wood’s fibers, creating a long-lasting defense.

Does cedar repel bugs? Unpacking the evidence

The bug-repelling prowess of cedar is not a mere old wives' tale; it's grounded in rigorous scientific inquiry. Research has shown that the aromatic compounds present in cedar oil are not just a deterrent but can also inhibit the growth and survival of pests like clothes moths and carpet beetles. Studies by Huddle and Mills (1952) and Laudani and Clark (1954) have documented the ability of cedar oil vapors not only to repel but also to kill these insects, which are known for their destructive habits in wardrobes and on carpets.

Taking this understanding further, Dr. Killigan’s Cedar Ward has been crafted to capitalize on these findings. Our cedar spray is designed to deliver the repellent action of cedar oil in a way that's both convenient and effective for mindful homeowners.


The significant repellent reaction cited by entomologist Arthur G. Appel, Ph.D., of Auburn University, confirms the effectiveness of cedar treatments against common domestic pests such as cockroaches and firebrats. His research provides a scientific backbone to our approach, ensuring that Dr. Killigan’s Cedar Ward is a formidable barrier against unwelcome insects.

By integrating Dr. Killigan’s Cedar Ward into your pest control regimen, you're employing a method backed by scientific evidence, ensuring that your living spaces are safeguarded from pests in a manner that is both effective and environmentally conscious. Our product isn't just about repelling bugs; it's about providing peace of mind with a foundation in proven science.

Conclusion: A call to action for conscious living

Choosing Dr. Killigan’s Cedar Ward is not just a choice—it's a decisive action for mindful, pest-free living. This is your opportunity to be part of a conscious community that prioritizes sustainability, effectiveness and the tranquil security of a home untouched by pests. Each spray is a pledge to a life in harmony with nature, safeguarding the sanctity of your home.

Don't wait to protect your sanctuary. Act now—arm yourself with the natural strength of cedar. Click here to purchase Dr. Killigan’s Cedar Ward and transform your home into a fortress against pests. Reinvigorate your cedar items and experience the powerful, protective aura of our cedar oil blend. Choose the smart, sustainable solution—make Dr. Killigan’s Cedar Ward the guardian of your home's serenity and security today.

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