Keeping mosquitos away from your home

Keeping Mosquitos Away From Your Home

Some insects do not realize when the seasons change on the calendar. They can survive as long as the conditions are right for them to reproduce. The mosquito is one of these insects. With the summer climate comes longer and warmer days, leaving the environment ripe for mosquitoes to continue their attack on you and your family. What can you do to keep mosquitoes away from your home? What can you do to ensure you and your family remain bite-free throughout the summer and beyond? In this post, we'll explore just that.

Life cycle of a mosquito

Even though mosquitoes will live on through their traditional parameters, they cannot defeat the life cycle process. A mosquito has a unique life cycle; most of it being underwater.


Adult mosquitoes lay their eggs on the water on what are called rafts. These eggs will usually hatch within days. Mosquitos can also lay their eggs away from direct water sources. Eggs have the ability to lie dormant for years. These eggs will simply hibernate until the next wet season.


As soon as the mosquito eggs hatch, they become active larvae and will go through four stages. The initial stage will be spent along the surface. Larvae require air to breathe; they have siphon tubes so they can submerge for protection. They feed off microorganisms in the water around them. As they feed, they will molt four times. This process lasts up to fourteen days; the fourth molt will develop into the pupal stage.


Once in the pupal stage, the mosquito no longer feeds. It will frequently escape to deeper water due to light and shadow sensitivity. However, it still requires air to breathe and will drift to the surface when needed. This process continues for up to four days. When the pupae split and the adult mosquito emerges, it rests along the surface of the water.


An adult mosquito exoskeleton needs to dry and harden, and the wings must dry off before they can take flight. This stage can take a couple of days. Males will hang around and wait to breed again, while the female goes out in search of a blood meal so that she can return to breed and begin the process again.

How to keep mosquitoes away

Mosquitoes need a home and a water source to continue the breeding process. However, that source does not have to be a lake or pond. It can be as little as a puddle of water, or less. Here are a few pointers on how to keep mosquitoes away from your home:

  • Rid the areas around your home of any standing water.
  • Check children’s toys and other outdoor items for water.
  • Remove items that can hold water such as buckets, drums, and old tires.
  • Repair any leaks from faucets or sprinkler systems.
  • Ensure proper drainage from your property.

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