Don't bug out this Memorial Day! Dr. Killigan's non-toxic pest control sale (limited time offer)


This Memorial Day weekend, we invite you to enjoy a pest-free summer with our exclusive sale! With 20% off all single units and 25% off all bundles and multipacks, now is the perfect time to arm your home with the best non-toxic pest control solutions. Say goodbye to those uninvited guests and hello to a safer, cleaner living space.

Why choose Dr. Killigan’s?

Here are four compelling reasons to trust Dr. Killigan's products:

  1. Eco-conscious assurance: Our commitment to non-toxic solutions ensures you can protect your home without introducing harmful chemicals. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using products that are safe for your family and pets.
  2. Satisfaction guaranteed: With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not happy for any reason, we offer a replacement or full refund. You can trust in our promise of quality and effectiveness.
  3. Proven effectiveness: Hear it from our customers! Gwenda, on our Pantry Moth Traps: "Unbelievable product! Not a moth in sight...anymore!" Courtney, on Six Feet Under: “Best spray I've found! Love this stuff. It works great. Smells good and I don't have to worry about it around my kids or pets.”
  4. Safe and sophisticated solutions: At Dr. Killigan's, our values are clear: 100% safe when used as directed, 100% effective and 100% sophisticated. Our products are designed with your safety, home aesthetics, and pest elimination needs in mind.

    Memorial Day deals: Single units

    Purchase any single unit at 20% off or receive 25% off any multipack. No code needed.

    Premium Pantry Moth Traps: Trusted by home improvement icon Bob Vila and 250,000+ households, these pheromone traps are proven to be the most effective solution to eradicate pantry moths. 

    Premium Clothing Moth Traps: Trusted by The Smithsonian Institution and 100,000+ households, these pheromone traps are the leading solution to get rid of clothes moths once and for all. 

    The Fly Inn Flying Insect Traps: An elegant solution for winged pests, using natural light and a visual attractant to capture insects along windows and glass doors. 

    Sweet Surrender Fruit Fly Trap: A proven, reusable fruit fly trap, enhanced by a plant-based attractant with unprecedented luring and killing power. 

    Memorial Day deals: Bundles

    Purchase any bundle at 25% off. No code needed. 

    • Pantry Protection Pair: Features Six Feet Under and 20 Pantry Moth Traps—to eradicate pantry moths.
    • Clothing Conservation Combo: Includes 6 Clothes Moth Traps and 10 Cedar Planks—to protect your wardrobe. 
    • Bug Slayer Bundle: Features Six Feet Under, Sweet Surrender, and The Fly Inn Fly Traps—for comprehensive pest control.
    • Insect Combat Kit: Features six powerful tools—Six Feet Under, Sweet Surrender, Pantry Moth Traps, Clothing Moth Traps, Dust to Dust and The Insect Buster—to help you secure a bug-free home.
    • Insect Eviction Kit: Features Six Feet Under Spray, Sweet Surrender and Fly Inn Traps—for complete pest control solution.
    • Kitchen Security Kit: Includes Six Feet Under Spray, Sweet Surrender and Pantry Moth Traps—to defend your kitchen and pantry. 
    • Bug Barrier Bundle: Includes three tools—Six Feet Under, Dust to Dust and The Insect Buster— to kill, repel and prevent insects as they try to secure shelter for overwintering hibernation.

      Secure your home today

      This Memorial Day weekend, take advantage of our limited-time offer to protect your home with Dr. Killigan's non-toxic, effective pest control solutions. Whether you're looking for single units or multipacks, or seeking comprehensive protection with our bundles, we have the perfect solution for you.

      Don't miss out on this chance to defend your home! Act now to grab these deals before they end, and ensure your home stays pest-free this summer. *Sale is live now through Monday evening. 

      Raise a toast with Dr. Killigan's as we usher in a season filled with peace, safety and joy in every pest-free home. Celebrate the spirit of Memorial Day with a healthier, happier living environment—and remember, with Dr. Killigan's, you don't need to bug out!

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