4 unique ways to use Dr. Killigan’s non-toxic products

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We at Dr. Killigan’s provide ingenious and innovative solutions for a pest-free and harmonious indoor environment. With a range of unique and effective products, we offer you creative ways to combat crawling insects, enhance plant health, regulate humidity and safeguard your beloved pets. From the versatile Six Feet Under residual-powered spray to the plant-loving Dust to Dust, the moisture-controlling Cedar Planks and the pet-friendly protection of Six Feet Under, our solutions are designed to address your specific needs while providing a delightful and eco-friendly approach to pest management. Discover these exceptional ideas and unlock a world of possibilities for a safer, healthier and more enjoyable living space.

What are 4 unique ways to use Dr. Killigan’s non-toxic products? 

Discover four unconventional applications for our products that go beyond the ordinary, allowing you to unleash their full potential in innovative ways.

1. Utilize Six Feet Under’s residual insect killing power 


Six Feet Under is a versatile tool. By utilizing this non-toxic spray, you can create a formidable barrier against crawling insects. What sets Six Feet Under apart is its remarkable residual action, which guarantees that any unsuspecting pests crossing its path in the next 30 days will meet their untimely end. It's like having an invisible forcefield, silently warding off infestations and thwarting the attempts of pests to infiltrate your domain. This formidable protection ensures that your space remains pest-free, leaving you undisturbed and in control. 

Not only does Six Feet Under effectively repel insects, but it can also eliminate the need for additional dusting. (Please do a test spot first). With a single application, you can tackle two tasks at once, saving you time and effort. And let's not forget the delightful aroma it imparts. The inviting scents of cinnamon and clove add an extra touch of pleasure to the process, making your pest control endeavors a more enjoyable experience.

2. Add Dust to Dust to plant soil


Adding silica to plant soil can contribute to the health and growth of indoor plants. Silica, in the form of silicon dioxide, is a natural mineral that can enhance plant vigor, strengthen cell walls and improve resistance to various stresses, such as drought and disease. Plants that would benefit from silica are succulents and orchids, as well as aloe vera, spider plants, peace lilies, dracaena and pothos. 

To use: Starting with well-draining soil, sprinkle Dust to Dust on the soil surface and gently mix the silica into the soil. Avoid disturbing the plant's roots while doing so. Adjust the quantity based on plant needs: The amount of silica you add may vary depending on the plant species and size. As a general guideline, a light application of Dust to Dust every few months should suffice. Water the plant as usual, which will help the silica to gradually permeate the soil and become available to the plant roots.

3. Use Cedar Planks to reduce humidity


Cedar wood naturally possesses the ability to absorb and release moisture, which can help regulate humidity levels in enclosed spaces like closets, wardrobes or storage areas. Cedar Planks, you see, have hygroscopic properties, meaning they can absorb excess moisture from the air when humidity is high and release it when humidity levels decrease. This natural moisture absorption and release process can help maintain a more balanced and optimal humidity environment. By using Cedar Planks in areas prone to high humidity, they can help prevent excessive moisture buildup that could promote the growth of mold, mildew, or other moisture-related issues. Additionally, cedar's aromatic compounds can impart a pleasant fragrance while helping to deter clothing moths and other insects that prefer humid environments.

4. Spray Six Feet Under on your dog’s bedding 

Six Feet Under contains no harmful ingredients. Spray it on your dog’s bedding to provide your furry companion with an extra layer of protection against ticks, fleas and mites. This non-toxic pest control solution will ensure that these lurking pests are repelled and that your pup is free from the annoyance and potential health risks associated with these six-legged bugs.

Note: Spray as often as you would change the sheets on your own bed.

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