Leather Fly Swatter | The Last Fly Swatter You Will Ever Need
  • Killer Design: The sturdy handle allows for strong smackdown power with an easy clean surface after the fly is finished.

  • Easy to Use: Just open the box, find a fly, hit the fly.

  • Durable & Strong: This is the last fly swatter you will ever need with our lifetime warranty.

  • Classy: Customized chrome accents fitted with comfortable leather grip.

  • Safe: 100% Non-Toxic. It's a fly swatter.

Flimsy plastic fly swatters are a thing of the past!

Introducing Dr. Killigan’s Leather Fly Swatter...THE solution to end irritating, buzzing insects that have invaded your domain. 

The baseball bat swing, the samurai sword slice, or the patient predator pounce are all effective methods of wielding your fly swatter against invasive flying insects. Master the art of each of these techniques with confidence and style with your Dr. Killigan’s Leather Fly Swatter. This hyper-effective, heavy duty swatter is designed with a comfortable leather grip and an easy to clean surface. True to our non-toxic pledge, it is safe for you and your family, but death to any flying insects. Restore your sanity with Dr. Killigan’s Fly Swatter. 

With this stylish swatter you can enjoy a satisfying smack as you end buzzing trespassers and restore peace to your home. It’s also so classy, you may want to show it off at your next BBQ. Not only durable and classy, this fly-swatter is sure to be a great conversation piece.

Add to Cart Now  and take back your domain!

Dr. Killigan's Promise

We provide the most effective, non-toxic pest control solutions sold online. 

If you’re not totally satisfied, we'll Either replace your product or offer a return. 

100% Guaranteed. No risk to you.

Restore Peace

No more worries. You already have enough on your plate.

Restore Confidence

This is a seriously stylish swatter. with a fiberglass handle that provides strong smackdown power, these pesky flies aren't getting away from you! 

Restore Control

Take back your Living Space and end these flying invaders.

Countdown: The Top 5 Fly Swatting Methodologies.  

1. The Wrist Flick. A single handed technique where the swatter is poised carefully in the air... a momentary pause, and when the fly is standing still, a quick flick of the wrist brings the swatter down with blinding speed and minimal movement. The fly never knew what hit him. Requires plenty of holes in the swatter to reduce drag and maximize speed.

2. The Back Hand. This technique requires a strong swatter with great ergonomics. Wire swatters bend too easily and lose their power and are not recommended for the back hand. You see the fly from the corner of your eye. You know that a shift of your body will cause panicked flight for the fly, so the quick back hand swing with a strong fly swatter is your best bet. Whack!

3. The TKO. (Technical Knockout). You may have experienced this where you hit the fly multiple times. He’s finally dazed enough (though not dead) so you’re able to grab him and dispose of him before he comes back around. This usually happens when using an inferior fly swatter. Not enough bang for the buck. Sure you won, but now you’re tired and sweaty. Better off using Dr. K’s fly swatter and knock him out with the first swing. 

4. The Baseball Bat. A classic American stance. Double handed grip. Feet shoulder width apart. Bend slightly at the knees. Fly comes within range and swing, batta, swing! This stance is only recommended when using a strong swatter and batting them out of the air. Plastic or “wire-bendy” swatters need not apply (and wooden ones might break). 

5. The Samurai. It’s all about the Zen. Be one with the fly swatter. By far the most elite (and hard to attain) fly swatting method. This one takes years of meditation and practice (and a fly swatter with great ergonomic comfort). Note: once you transcend the Samurai technique, you will realize the truth: There is no swatter.

But until then, (Matrix references aside) there’s Dr. Killigan’s Fly Swatter: Used for all flying insects... and crawling ones, too. Strong, classy, and ergonomically sound, Dr. Killigan’s is the Best Choice no matter what swatting technique you choose. 

Dr. Killigan. Causing flies to tremble since 2015. Get yours now. 


"So Fun! 

I definitely feel like a boss when I can take a fly out of the air with this fly swatter. It's fantastic!"

- Aaron

"I have been very impressed with every Dr. Killigan's purchase that I have made and this fly swatter is no exception. It looks classy (I couldn't wait to throw my horrid bright yellow plastic one out), is easy to clean, and feels strong. I have even been showing it to friends!"

- Marie M

"I like having quality, well designed products in my home. No more cheaply made products that are an eye sore and need to be replaced often. I like that this fly swatter lasts for years and it fits nicely with my home's aesthetics."

- James S

"I am loving this product! It is by far the coolest fly swatter I have ever owned or ever seen! Now I get excited when I see a fly in my house because then I get to use it! Thank you, Dr. Killigan!!!!"

- Victoria B

100% Non-Toxic

We are committed to providing pest control solutions that are completely non-toxic, insecticide-free, and 100% safe for you and your family.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our products. If you’re not totally satisfied, we'll either replace your product or offer a return. 100% Guaranteed.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We are dedicated to providing customer support that is second to none. Dr. Killigan's cares, and your success is always our goal. 

Bottom Line:

This is a killer product. 

Whether flies are taking over your home or you have other airborne invaders, remove them quickly and effectively with this fly swatter. It's the last one you will ever use.

Restore the peace and take back your Domain! 



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