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    Dr. Killigan’s Pantry Protection Pair features our top two essential products—a 24 oz. bottle of Six Feet Under Non-Toxic Insect Spray and 20 of our Premium Pantry Moth Traps—to cover the bases and restore peace, sanity, and confidence to your home.

    Bundle includes the 24 oz. Six Feet Under Non-Toxic Insect Spray and 20 Premium Pantry Moth Traps.
    Formulated and tested in our kitchen and home for your kitchen and home.
    All of our products are non-toxic and safe for humans and pets when used as directed.
    No pyrethrins, toxins, artificial dyes or other harsh ingredients.
    Equipped with Dr. Killigan’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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    Protect Your Pantry

    Using only the highest quality, non-toxic, and most powerful ingredients from around the world, Dr. Killigan has created and formulated powerful products to bring an end to the villainous, vampirical scoundrels seeking to invade your home and purloin your peace. 

    The most common and destructive pantry offender is the Indian Meal Moth (also referred to as the pantry moth, or grain moth). These vagrants hitch their ride in store-bought grains, pet food, and other dried goods, and, once inside your pantry, they spread and contaminate. Not only is this a disgusting affliction, but it is a time-quaffing, money-devouring, peace-disrupting hassle.

    To eradicate these detestable pests, a few things must be done. Pantry moth traps must be laid out to capture the male moths and to put an end to the life cycle completely. A full clean-out of the pantry is essential. Any contaminated foods must be bagged and thrown out, and dried goods should be stored in airtight containers. Finally, the pantry shelves and walls should be sprayed down with a non-toxic insect spray to ensure any moth eggs or cocooned moths undergoing their pupal transformation are eliminated.  

    When the process is complete? A sigh of relief. A cheer, perhaps. It is done. Gone is the disgust, the filth, the embarrassment. Your confidence restored, your home guarded, your investments protected, and your peace secured. 

    For a limited time, we have bundled together our black 20 pack of our Premium Pantry Moth Traps and our Six Feet Under Non-Toxic Insect Spray—with additional savings. Our Pantry Protection Pair is essential for restoring and protecting your Peace & Sanity. Be sure to seize your pair before time runs out.

    Tried and True: We have found that passive prevention is the best kind of bug solution. Be sure to secure and maintain your victory by having a few traps out as your first line of defense even after you’ve eradicated the current problem.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The traps can be placed anywhere within the pantry or kitchen. We recommend placing them in a triangular formation. This means placing the traps in different levels near the source of the infestation: One high, one low, and one somewhere in the middle.

    Six Feet Under is a kill-on-contact solution. It will kill any moth eggs or larvae that may be in the Pantry. You can spray as often as you like or as you see fit. Our most recent upgraded formula does have a residual effect that will let the potency linger on the sprayed surface.

    Use Six Feet Under to wipe down areas for any moth eggs or larvae that are hard to see. Re-apply the spray as often as you would like. Then place the traps in a web-like formation around the kitchen. The traps can be replaced every 3 months or until traps are full. Once the traps are placed, let the pheromones take the reins as it may take a few reproduction cycles to fully end your infestation.

    The pheromone attractant is effective for three months once they have been removed from the foil wrapper. After that, they start to lose potency. Dispose of them sooner if they are full of moths. Unopened, these traps will keep their potency for three years after the manufacturer date that is located on the top of the box.

    Our traps are meant to end the reproduction cycle completely by capturing male moths. Typically it will take a few lifecycles as the male population decreases. Another key factor to knowing your infestation is gone, is eliminating the source of food for the moths. By using the traps and finding the source, the evidence of moths such as holes in boxes and/or nesting areas in your kitchen should be no longer exist.

    All of our products are completely non-toxic and are safe to use as directed around food, pets and children.

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