Six Feet Under Plant-Powered Insect Spray

An expertly crafted blend of select essential oils proven to kill ants, roaches, insect larvae, beetles, moths, flies, fleas and other bugs—fast.

Multipacks: 24 oz. Bottle
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  • Kills 50+ insect species on contact and residually for up to 30 days.
  • Yields the fastest kill times among competing brands.
  • Easy to use: Point, shoot, celebrate.
  • Safe when used as directed for people, pets and the planet.
  • Saves you money on costly pest management services.
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Stop bugs in their tracks, and protect your peace and sanity.

Loved by households, loathed by bugs

Dr. Killigan’s Six Feet Under Plant-Powered Insect Spray is an eco-friendly bug killer that frees households from unwanted pests, dangerous pesticides and costly pest management services. The proprietary blend of soybean, cinnamon and clove oils kills both on contact and residually, meaning one preventative application provides killing power for up to 30 days.

Unlike dangerous pesticides affecting only specific parts of insects, Six Feet Under targets the entire bodies of bugs, rendering it far more difficult for them to build resistance against this plant-based formula. This solution uses a “mechanical mode of action,” as it removes the waxy layer of insects and rapidly dehydrates them. 

The formula is backed by years of study, testing, more study, revisions and retesting, ensuring this all-in-one solution solves both the problem of insects and the problem of dangerous insecticides. It’s safe* for people, pets and the environment, and guaranteed to kill and prevent common household insects—fast.

Pest control made easy

It's as simple as 1-2-3.


Attach the trigger sprayer and adjust the stream.


Aim at your target and pull the trigger.


Restore your peace from unwelcome insects.

I bought this to get rid of the ants that built a nest in my flagstone patio and sidewalk. I have granddaughters and pets, and I didn't want to use chemicals that could make them sick if they were exposed. I've used other natural pesticides in the past with mild success but this stuff definitely does the trick! I've only had to spray one time over a month ago, still no sign of the ants returning. 10/10, will be purchasing more.

—S.K., Verified Customer

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