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Six Feet Under | Non-Toxic Insect Spray

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Non-toxic and natural insect spray to get rid of ants, moths, cockroaches, and more! Safe for the family and pets!

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  • NONTOXIC. KID SAFE. FAMILY SAFE. Six Feet Under is made of non-toxic ingredients and is safe for use in homes and around food. There are no fumes or dangerous pesticides to affect you and your family.
  • POWERFULLY POTENT and FAST ACTING FORMULA with no harsh chemicals, no pyrethrins, no pyrethroids, and no permethrin. Protect your home from the destructive behavior of insects with this pest control spray and natural ant killer. Works well with Dr. Killigan’s Pantry Moth Traps and Dr. Killigan’s Clothing Moth Traps.
  • SWEET AROMA of cinnamon with a touch of clove. Smells and fragrances can be a real challenge to get right in insect sprays. Subtle is usually better, and in this case subtle is what you get.
  • PET FRIENDLY - Six Feet Under is a natural indoor pest control solution and pet safe bug spray. SFU is safe to spray on your pets for natural flea and tick control - safe when used as directed. Kills all stages of the life cycle. A great natural flea killer and bug spray.
  • EFFECTIVELY KILLS - Natural clove and cottonseed oils eliminate ants, pantry moths, clothes moths, flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, roaches, ticks, fleas, earwigs, silverfish, and more. This is how to get rid of bugs naturally. Dr. Killigan. Killing Them Softly.

Six Feet Under Insect Spray

Q1: Is it safe to spray on my pets?

Yes. However, please use common sense. As in, don’t spray in your or your pets mouth, eyes, etc. We value our customer's health and always want to provide a safe and effective product. In general, if it’s not an insect, it’s safe to use our Six Feet Under solution when used as directed.

This insecticide targets neurological receptors active only in insects and arthropods. These neurological receptors are not active in birds or mammals.

Q2: How do I know it is safe for pets and children? The bottle reads keep out of reach of pets and children.

The "keep out of reach" verbiage is standard to all products to cover the owner if the product is used outside of or beyond directions.

Q3: Is it safe for my garden?

The formula is made up of essential oils, therefore yes, it is safe. Please note however, that this is not a traditional garden remedy. Use at your own risk, but keep us posted of the results.

Q4: Does this spray work as a preventive measure or repellent?

Our Six Feet Under spray is a “kill on contact” solution. It is not meant for preventing insects like a repellent does. It will assist in ridding you of the bugs you already have.

Q5: Should the insect die on contact with this product? or will it take some time?

Our spray is a contact killer for all insects. The time it takes depends upon the species. Bed bugs die faster than hornets, but in a short amount of time, it will kill them all (softly, of course). Kill time can range from immediate (ants and moths) to 90 seconds (flies and roaches).

Q6: What is the shelf life of the Six Feet Under spray?

Six Feet Under has a two-year shelf life when stored as directed in a cool place.

Q7: Can I spray Six Feet Under on my bedding and pillows? clothing?

Yes, although we recommend not soaking it. A fine mist of spray is okay. Again, test fabrics first in an inconspicuous spot before committing.
Please note that although Six Feet Under will kill bed bugs, it is not a long-term solution to bed bug infestations. Dr. Killigan’s Rest In Peace Bed Bug Spray is an incredible bed bug killer with amazing power and residual effects.

Q8: What type of insects does it kill?

It will aid in killing any insects and arthropods. This includes but is not limited to the following:

•Darkling beetles
•Bed bugs

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