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Flying Insect Traps

From Dr. Killigan's Blog

How weather affects flies and mosquitoes

Discover how shifting weather patterns drastically impact the behavior, breeding and distribution of flies and mosquitoes in this revealing article. Uncover the intriguing intersection of entomology and meteorology, and learn how you could predict pest infestations from understanding these patterns. Read more >>

Can fruit flies make you sick?

"Have you ever wondered if those tiny, seemingly harmless fruit flies in your home could make you sick? Dive into this article to find out, as we uncover the unseen health risks associated with these ubiquitous invaders. Read more >>

How to instantly kill carpenter bees

Are you constantly battling with pesky carpenter bees and wondering how to eliminate them instantly? Navigate to this comprehensive guide, which unveils effective strategies and tips that will help you reclaim your home from these destructive insects. Read more >>

4 natural ways to deter flies

Looking for natural, eco-friendly solutions to keep flies at bay? This compelling article introduces four simple yet effective methods to deter flies, helping you maintain a comfortable and pest-free environment without resorting to harsh chemicals.Read more >>