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Are There Home Remedies for Spider Bites?

Poisonous or nonpoisonous, here is information on home remedies for spider bites.
Arachnophobia is one of the leading fears among men and women. According to many studies, it
is among the top ten phobias: acrophobia – the fear of heights; claustrophobia – the fear of
enclosed spaces; aerophobia – the fear of flying are among other common fears Americans have.
While we can often avoid riding in an elevator to the top floor of a high rise to get a root canal,
we cannot avoid the uninvited creepy crawlies that come into your home. When one of these
creatures manages to bite you or a family member, you immediately want to know if there are
any home remedies for spider bites, or if you need to speed off to the hospital (unless you have
Nosocomephobia – the fear of hospitals.)

Types of Spiders

The remedy you will use to deal with your bite will solely depend on the type of spider that bites
you. Here is some info on the most common spiders:

  • American House Spider – The American House Spider is a small, brown to gray spider
    and is generally harmless. They make their webs in corners and closets.
  •  Brown Recluse – The Brown Recluse is larger than the House Spider. Their bite can be
    toxic, and often requires medical attention, especially with small children.
  • Black Widow – This species is one of the most dreaded of them all. They prefer
    undisturbed areas where they keep to themselves. Areas that are infrequently visited, like
    sheds and under porches should be monitored. Their venom is not as toxic as a Brown
    Recluse, but sometimes requires medical attention depending on the age and sensitivity
    of the one bitten.
  • Jumping Spiders – Crawling is one thing, but when a spider can jump, that can make it
    extra creepy. These are small spiders that are black to a brownish color. Their bite is
    similar to a bee sting and relatively harmless.

Dangers of Spider Bites

You may be surprised to know that spiders are not as deadly as TV and movies make them out to
be. You will not die in seconds after a bite, as some would have you believe. Painful, yes, but
death? Not likely. The only real-time you will need to worry about a spider bite is if there were
multiple bites, the bite happens to a small child, or the person bitten suffers from allergies to
bites or other medical conditions or if a bite is left unattended and leads to infection.
Here are a few spider danger facts:

  • Most spider bites cannot penetrate human skin.
  • Most spiders will only bite in self-defense.
  • Spider bites are very treatable, often without a hospital visit.
  • Even if the bite warrants a trip to the ER, few are deadly.


Home Remedies for Spider Bites

Most spider bite remedies do not include a trip to the emergency room. The first thing to do is to
identify the spider that bit you. This will be helpful if there is an allergic reaction. It will also
help the doctor treat the bite. But for most others the remedy is nearly the same for any other
insect bite:

  • Clean the area with soap and water.
  • Apply an ice pack and elevate to reduce swelling.
  • Monitor the puncture area for signs of an allergic reaction.
  • Take an allergy pill to reduce itching (itching will promote infection.)

One of the best remedies is prevention. Do your best not to allow areas around your home that
are inviting to spiders. These can include piles of wood, cluttered attics or basements, and piles
of leaves. In addition, always be wary when entering crawl spaces, sheds, or sitting on porch
furniture that has been left unattended for a while.

How to Rid Your Home of Spiders

With the weather changing, spiders are soon to be on the prowl again. This is when you have a
choice. Grab a chemically based, foul-smelling pesticide or using a non-toxic spider spray. Most
products on the store shelf can be just as harmful as the spider bite itself. So, you want to be
cautious about what you allow into your home. Dr. Killigan’s Six Feet Under ™
is a pleasant smelling alternative to dispose of spiders in your home. Six Feet Under ™ is 100%
safe. It uses an essential oil mixture and lines up with the Dr. Killigan creed of “Killing Them
Softly™,” meaning that nothing toxic or harmful is used.

The Final Word

Keep in mind that spider bites can be dangerous to those who are young, elderly, or suffer from
medical conditions. When in doubt, always seek medical attention immediately. To help prevent

the bite from occurring, be sure to clean up around the house, eliminating the attraction for
spiders and their very quick ability to set up camp in and around your home.
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