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What’s the Difference Between Wasps and Bees? 

Spring months are not too far off, and soon families will begin to make their way outdoors. Pool covers will be pulled back, barbecues will begin to be fired up, and sheds will be visited to bring out mowers and garden tools. Everyone looks forward to warmer days, but they also have something to fear: the pests that follow.


Home Remedies for Bee Stings

HOME REMEDIES FOR BEE STINGS Bites and stings from insects can be quite painful.  If you have been stung, make sure to identify whether you were stung by a wasp or by a bee, because wasp stings and bee stings are treated differently.  Read our blog about wasps to see if the insect that stung […]


Beneficial Insects: Bees

BENEFICIAL INSECTS: BEES Bees are arguably one of the most beneficial insects on Earth. Without them, humans would have almost certainly ceased to exist long ago. While many fear being stung and are displeased with their presence, bees are a major reason that civilization is able to survive and function the way that it does. […]