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The Fly Inn | Insect Trap For Windows

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Best fly trap for use on windows! Non-toxic and natural solution to getting rid of flies.

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  • ????IMPORTANT: This fly trap is only designed to work when placed properly on windows where flying insects are frequently found. Attach them near the bottom frame of your window for the best results. THEY WON’T ATTRACT INSECTS WHEN PLACED ANYWHERE ELSE OTHER THAN ON WINDOWS.
  • ????KILLER DESIGN - There is no place for tacky fly ribbon in the corner of your family room. With the Fly Inn fly trap, this problem is a thing of the past. The front of the fly trap has a pleasing motif that conceals the true nature of its insect-trapping capabilities - all so you can display them with confidence.
  • ????HIDES BUGS - Nobody want to see piles of dead bugs. The Fly Inn is a different sort of fly trap. The bugs crawl in, get stuck, and are hidden inside. The open top gives bugs a large entry point where they then come in contact with the inner walls which are coated with an incredibly sticky glue providing maximum insect-trapping power. Trapped and hidden.
  • ????NONTOXIC AND SAFE - No pesticides, No insecticides, No smells, No toxins, so you can feel confident that your loved ones are safe and secure. EASIEST EVER - Wet the suction cups on the back of the fly trap and stick it to the window. Then place the disposable insert inside. What’s easier than that?
  • ????WORKS AMAZINGLY WELL - You won’t be disappointed. And just in case, we have a Satisfaction Guarantee, or YOUR MONEY BACK. No questions. No hassles. No worries. Dr. Killigan. Killing Them Softly.

The Fly Inn

Q1: I just received my product; where do I place it?

Choose windows that seem to be high traffic or “popular hangouts” for bugs. There are usually two to four windows in a home that seem to attract bugs more than others. Place your traps on these windows.

These traps work best at the bottom edge of the glass. Clean the glass so the trap will stick well. Run your finger along the inside edge of the trap to adhere it more completely to the glass surface. (Obviously be careful not to push your finger too far into the trap, or else you’ll get some glue on you).

Q2: I touched the glue on the trap, how do I get it off my skin?

First off, the glue is non-toxic and not harmful, but you want to avoid contact with it because it is very sticky. If it gets on your skin, gently rub it with vegetable oil and then wash with soap and water. Repeat if necessary.

Q3: What kind of flies do these work for?

These work for flies and other insects that crawl on windows.

Q4: How long do these traps last?

These last until they are full.

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