Pheromone Moth Traps

Pheromone moth traps are one of the safest, fastest ways to quickly dispose of any moths that may be plaguing your home. Many moth traps require additional drops or wafers and are often unsuccessful in fully-eradicating any traces of moths. Pheromone-based moth traps are simple to use, extremely effective, and non-toxic. Dr. Killigan’s has improved on this by carefully creating a unique pheromone moth trap that lures and captures the pesky moths without drops or wafers. Both of our products: Dr. Killigan’s ™ Pantry Moth Trap and Clothing Moth Trap are perfect solutions to help restore peace in your home!

How do Pheromone Moth Traps Work?

In order to fully recognize the benefits of the best pheromone Clothes-Moth-Trap, clothing moth trap, how to get rid of clothes moths, pheromone moth trapsmoth traps, it is important to understand what pheromones are and how they influence the behavior of moths. On the most basic level, pheromones are the chemicals that every species emits when they are searching for a mate. Essentially, a pheromone is a moth’s cry to find a mate and reproduce. With this knowledge, scientists have crafted pheromone moth traps which lure male moths in and then trap them.

It is important to note that pheromone traps do not attract females. If you notice a moth fly past your trap, that does not mean it is not working; instead, it was probably a female gliding by. Pheromone moth traps are still effective as they capture male moths quickly and effectively. As a result, you have one less male moth annoying you in the kitchen, and you’ve broken the cycle of reproduction and infestation. Soon, all the male moths will be gone and the females will die off without being able to reproduce. Restoring sanity back to your closet and protecting your favorite clothing items is what Dr. Killigan’s loves to do!

The Differences between Food Moths and Clothes Moths

When it comes to moths, they are generally divided into two classes:

  • Food Moths
  • Clothes Moths

One plagues your kitchen and food, while the other will munch its way through your clothes. Although they are annoying in different ways, both can be disposed of via pheromone moth traps.

Pantry Moths

In order to protect your kitchen and pantry, place Dr. Killigan’s Pantry pheromone moth traps in the affected area. However, you should place multiple traps per area as this will increase their likelihood of capturing moths. By placing traps in a triangular formation throughout your kitchen, you can create a web which entraps every moth. Next, it is always important to inspect all of your dry food in order to ensure that it has not been contaminated by moths or larvae. Similarly, any remaining open food should be disposed of in order to reduce the risk of any larvae surviving. In a short time, you should notice a decrease in moths flying through your kitchen.

Clothing Moths

As for the precious wool sweaters, silks, and furs in your closet, there are multiple ways to protect those items. Much like we recommend placing multiple traps in your kitchen, we advise that you hang one trap on a rod and place another on the floor. Often, clothing moths are unable to fly well and bounce along the floor. Having traps in a variety of spots ensures that you can effectively capture every single moth. While you are getting rid of your moths, you may want to store your clothes in sealed plastic bags. Then, you should hang pheromone moth traps all throughout your closets, and allow their attractant to do their work. Finally, you should have all of your clothing properly laundered and/or dry cleaned. This will ensure to eradicate all of the eggs and larvae that may have infested your clothing.

How Long Will it Take ?

Pheromone moth traps should drastically reduce the moths flying through your house. Yet, it may take anywhere between 25 days and 3 months until you are completely free from these pesky pests. Essentially, in order to defeat them, you must dispose of the male moths before they have time to reproduce. That’s where pheromone moth traps help. You can avoid the challenge of preventing moths from reproducing by simply taking the male moths out of the equation. The beauty of this method is that it is non-toxic, and uses no dangerous or hash chemicals. If you are hoping to avoid this pesky issue, there are a number of avenues available for you to buy pheromone moth traps. Ultimately, by following these steps and with the help of Dr. Killigan’s, you can quickly dispose of the seemingly endless supply of moths that plague your closets and pantry!

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