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Ants are a pest we all hope to never have in our home. It can become a grueling task to get rid of ants once you have them. You want to find an effective natural ant killer, but you want to ensure that it will be non-toxic or does not cause unwanted side effects for your family and pets.

Types Of Ants

Most ants will react to a natural ant killer inside, as well as outdoors. But it is always beneficial to identify the type of ant you are dealing with:

Carpenter Antscarpenter ant image, dr killigans, natural ant killer

Carpenter ants are black and eat sweets, insects, and grease. They get their name from commonly being found in wood, especially dry-rot. So if you find these in your home, you’ll definitely want to get rid of these ants!

Pavement AntsPavement Ant, dr killigans, natural ant killer

Pavement ants are dark brown to black. They generally live close to masonry constructed buildings. They eat insects, honeydew, breads, meats, and cheese.

Sugar Antssugar ant, dr killigans, natural ant killer

Odorous House Ants, Pharaoh, and even Pavement Ants are considered Sugar Ants. They are dark brown to black and like to eat anything sweet.

Black Antsblack ant, dr killigans, natural ant killer

Black Ants are tiny. They build their nests under rocks and around moisture-laden wood. They eat meats, fruits and vegetables, grease and oils.

Fire Antsfire ant, dr killigans, natural ant killer

Fire Ants are bright red to brownish red. They built large nests. They are primarily found outdoors. They eat insects, spiders, honeydew, and other sweets.

How To Recognize An Infestation Of Ants

A telltale sign you have ants inside your home is the visual appearance of ants, look out for ant trails. These can lead you to either a nest or where they are getting into your home, usually through a crack or improperly sealed window or door. Ants need a source of water. You will primarily find them in areas near an ample water supply, like under sinks and around piping.

The Pros And Cons Of A Natural Ant Killer

Natural ant killers come in many forms. From powders to pastes to homemade sticky traps. The most popular variety is to have a natural ant killer spray. But as with any product that has the intention of disposing of a critter, one needs to examine your options thoroughly.

Natural Carpenter Ant killer

Most natural ant killers will be a combination of different household products. Some are safe; others are safe, depending on how you use them. Concoctions with baking soda, for instance, are generally safe, but can be a nuisance, and sometimes dangerous, depending on what you mix it with.

Natural Sugar Ant killer

Sugar ants are attracted to sweet foods. Thus, many natural indoor ant killers use a form of sugar to attract ants but use other items that will act as a poison to the ants. One natural ant killer is borax. When mixed with a sugary product like Karo corn syrup, it forms a paste that attracts ants and kills them through the borax toxicity. But Borax should not be used around pets or children as it is toxic if consumed.

Natural Fire Ant killer

Fire ants are a whole new ballgame. For one, they are aggressive and will bite when disturbed. For an all-natural ant killer do-it-yourselfers recommend mixtures of either lemon water, vinegar-based solutions, and even some spice mixtures like cayenne pepper. While they can be effective, it would be harmful to those with an allergy or sensitivity to acids and peppers.

Natural ant killers can also contain essential oils. These are scents like cinnamon, lavender, and mint that ants do not like. These can be a beneficial natural ant killer for gardens.

The main issue with DIY (do-it-yourself) mixtures is that they will be less effective as a pesticide product, and most will require the application to be repeated. There is also the danger of sensitivity to what home remedies you are using. Mixtures like vinegar and baking soda can be explosive, and well as smelly, even when oils or fragrance is used. Everyone reacts differently to peppers, especially younger children and pets.

Final Word

There is one final natural ant killer that is becoming more popular, Diatomaceous Earth (DE). It is not a kill on contact, but ants take it to the colony and eventually wipes out the colony. DE affects an ant’s nervous system and dehydrates them. Although natural, it can be harmful when inhaled during the application process. It is not recommended to be used around food items.

All-natural indoor ant killers should be used with caution. Know what products you are mixing and how they react. Just because a website or blog states a particular formula or that you can mix particular products, does not necessarily mean that you should. You know your family and what allergies exist and what can be an aggravation to their senses – use with caution.

Dr. Killigan’s ™ offers two products to help you go bugless. Six Feet Under ™ Insect Spray, which is an essential Six Feet Under Ant Killeroil spray and The Insect Buster, which houses a DE products are both very effective in disposing of your ant issues, Killing Them Softly ™ . All of our products are non-toxic and safe around children and pets. As always, if you are not completely satisfied with our products, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. But after using Dr. Killigan’s ™ products, you can join our current customers in enjoying an ant-free home and recommending our products to others!

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