How to Get Rid of House Flies

Every summer, it is inevitable: the dreaded fly makes its way How to Get Rid of House Fliesinto your home. These little nuisances disrupt life and then some. They have you running around with a swatter or rolled-up newspaper all in an attempt to get rid of house flies. But unless you rid your home of the source, swatting them will become an everyday chore. Follow these steps, so that you won’t find yourself at the mercy of an uncontrollable infestation.

Dangers of House Flies in Your Home

You may only see them as a pest that flies around your home, but although they are relatively harmless with their incessant buzzing around, they can pose a serious health hazard. First, let’s answer a few questions about flies:

Do flies bite or sting?

No, household flies do not bite or sting. But they are always flying around in search of food.

Why do they rub their legs?

They are cleaning the pads on their feet and bodies.

Why are they a danger?

Since they land on anything and everything, they tend to carry with them particles of whatever they land on. Thus, they can leave behind disease-causing bacteria which can be ingested by humans, making us sick.

If you do not take precautions, your whole family could succumb to illnesses spread through flies coming in contact with the unthinkable, then landing on the food and drink in your home. So, how do you get rid of house flies infestation?

How to Get Rid of House Flies for Good

1. Eliminate Food Sources

Food sources like overflowing trash bins, a sink full of dishes, and even uncovered foods serve as a smorgasbord for flies. Cover, clean, and put away anything that could draw the attention of flies.

2. Maintain Outdoor Cleanliness

Keep the area around your home clear of brush, trash, and pet droppings. Tall grass and a dirty trash receptacle are breeding grounds for flies. They are just waiting to get into your home. Pet droppings can be extremely difficult. Not only are they prime examples of what flies look for, when they land, but they can then carry those particles into your home. So, clean up around your home to give the flies nothing to feed on.

3. Remove Entry Points

To know how to get rid of house flies, you need to know how they are getting into your house. You can take all the preventive measures inside your home, but if you do not block them from entering, you will have a persistent issue. These areas can include unsealed windows and doors, holes in screens, or simply carelessly leaving doors open. Check caulking and weather strips; replace as needed.

4. Use Control Methods

Take preventative measures. The quick method is usually a can of chemical spray or even a pyrethrin mixture. But not only do they smell bad, but they are also just as dangerous, if not more than the pest itself. Find a natural method for controlling a fly infestation in your home. Products like The Fly Inn or Six Feet Under ™ Insect Spray from Dr. Killigan’s ™ are 100% safe and non-toxic. The flies are attracted to the device, and you can dispose of them easily. The spray will kill flies and other insects within a few seconds, without the poisonous chemicals.

Final Word

When you have house guests coming over for the game, and you plan on serving all the staples, you must understand how to get flies out of your house. No one wants to grab a chip or hot wing that a fly has just landed on. That is why Dr. Killigan’s ™ specializes in the manufacturing of pest control devices that will make your life more peaceful and non-toxic.

We provide products like The Fly Inn to make your party a pest-free success. We believe in Killing them Softly™; there are no harsh chemical smells, and we use all-natural ingredients. All with a stylish look that blends into any décor. In fact, your guests will not even realize you have a pest control device, and it will be our little secret that you once had a fly issue in the first place.

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