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Give insects a permanent vacation with The Fly Inn from Dr. Killigan—a captivating trap for your windows. Simply wet the suction cups on the back of the trap and secure it to any window where flying insects are drawn to light and spend plenty of time. Effortlessly stop them in their tracks—and avoid the eye-sore of dead bugs.

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Capture fruit flies, wasps, bees, house flies, mosquitoes, moths, and other flying insects with ease.
Equipped with two traps and four non-toxic sticky glue inserts to catch and prevent release. Click here for more info...
Restores Peace & Sanity.
Stylish design turns an insect terminator into an attractive piece of art.
Equipped with Dr. Killigan’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you’re not satisfied for any reason, we will offer you a replacement or full refund—your choice.
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Give pests a permanent vacation with the best fly trap for use on windows!

Designed for placement on bright windows where flying insects have popular hangouts, this non-toxic, natural solution to fly extermination uses a pleasing motif to conceal the true nature of its insect trapping capabilities.

The Fly Inn is a different type of fly trap. This fly trap is designed to work when placed properly on windows where flying insects are frequently found. After trapping flying pests, nobody wants to see piles of dead bugs. The bugs crawl in, get stuck, and are hidden inside. The open top gives bugs a large entry point where they come in contact with the inner walls which are coated with an incredibly sticky glue that provides maximum insect trapping power. Trapped and hidden. End of story. Attach them near the bottom frame of your window for the best results. 

Effective Against: Any flying insect frequently found along windows. Remember, The Fly Inn won’t attract insects when placed ANYWHERE other than on windows.

Get rid of flies in style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Proper trap placement is the key to your success. You want to capitalize on the fact that flies are attracted to light, by placing these traps on windows. These traps will not yield the results you desire with placement on other locations such as refrigerators, doors, or walls. These traps work best at the bottom edge of the glass because the top of the trap has the largest opening for insects to enter. Clean the glass so that the plastic housing suction cups will stick well, wet the suction cups for max suction, and adhere to windows. Then place the sticky trap insert inside the housing. Choose windows that seem to be high traffic or "popular hangouts" for bugs. There are usually at least two windows in a home that seem to attract bugs more than others. Place your traps on these windows. Proceed to catch flies and other bugs.

These work for flies and other insects that crawl on windows. There are over 16,000 types of flies in North America alone. Some common types are the housefly, fruit fly, gnat, garbage fly, blow fly, and drain fly. They don’t all have the same characteristics. The Fly Inn takes advantage of habits, (attraction to light and windows), instead of smells or other pheromone attractants. They catch bugs when you’re not looking, but keep in mind that not all fly species are attracted to light.

First, the glue is non-toxic and not harmful. But you do want to avoid contact with it because it is very sticky. If it gets on your skin, gently rub it with vegetable oil and then wash with soap and water. Repeat if necessary. You may need to move the traps a little higher than normal on the windows to keep them out of reach of pets or curious children. Just don’t move them too high, or the insects will have a harder time finding their way in.

These traps last until they are full. So sit back and enjoy peace of mind as your traps do all the catching for you, while also looking stylish in your home. No pesticides. No insecticides. No smells. No toxins. So you can feel confident that your loved ones are safe and secure.

The Fly Inn is a non-toxic sticky trap with no added scent attractant for flies, making it great to have inside your home. Even though we have seen great success even without an added scent attractant, the Doctor is always looking for a way to add attractant to the trap as we want to give those flies a permanent vacation!

Our Fly Inn's come with 2 Fly Inns and 4 Sticky Traps. We also carry a refill pack with 6 sticky traps.

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