The science behind moth traps: How do they work?


In the sanctuaries of our homes, clothes moths and pantry moths often intrude, wreaking havoc on our belongings and pantry. These pests are drawn to natural fibers and dried goods, necessitating a defense that is both powerful and safe. 

We recognize the unique challenges presented by different moth species, which is why we have developed targeted solutions: clothes moth traps and pantry moth traps.

  • Our clothes moth traps are meticulously designed to combat the specific moths that ravage textiles — webbing clothes moths (Tineola bisselliella) and case-making moths (Tinea pellionella) — ensuring your wardrobes and cherished garments are safeguarded. 
  • Our pantry moth traps are formulated to attract and capture Indian meal moths (Plodia Interpunctella), almond moths (Cadra cautella) and other food moths, all of which are notorious for invading food storage areas.

Moth behavior and pheromone communication

Moths are finely attuned by evolution to communicate through complex behaviors. One of the most intriguing is their reliance on pheromones for mating. These chemical signals are incredibly species-specific, allowing moths to locate potential mates across considerable distances.

Male moths are equipped with highly sensitive antennae, which allow them to pick up on the slightest hint of female pheromones wafting through the air — a critical component of their mating rituals.

Pheromones extend their reach beyond their immediate vicinity; they are borne aloft by breezes and can spread far and wide, mixing with the air over expansive distances. Their presence in the environment acts like an olfactory beacon, almost invisible yet potent. Factors like temperature and humidity can significantly influence pheromone dispersal and longevity.


In optimal conditions, the scent can travel further and persist longer, with males detecting these cues from up to 7 kilometers away under the right circumstances.

This remarkable detection capability is the cornerstone of the efficacy of pheromone-based moth traps, which exploit these natural communication systems to ensnare moths by emulating the chemical allure that they find irresistible.

Pheromones have roles that extend beyond mating—they also signal danger, create trails and establish territories. Our traps replicate moth pheromones to mimic a potential mate's scent, diverting these pests from your belongings and food. 

Dr. Killigan’s deep understanding of these mechanisms has allowed us to create pheromone traps that utilize moth communication channels, delivering a precision in pest control that broad-spectrum insecticides simply cannot provide.

Engineering superior moth traps

The ingenuity behind Dr. Killigan’s moth traps is a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection. Both our clothes and pantry moth traps incorporate components of Dr. Killigan’s Advanced Blue Stripe Formula — a synergy of double-potent moth pheromones and the stickiest glue that is proven to outperform all other traps on the market. This powerful combination ensures that moths are irresistibly drawn to the trap.


Once lured by our specialized pheromone blend, the moths are met with a state-of-the-art adhesive, perfected after exhaustive testing to ensure lasting tenacity and effectiveness. This potent pheromone attractant remains active for a full three months after the traps are removed from the foil wrapper, guaranteeing extended protection.

These traps should be replaced after three months, or sooner if they are full of moths. However, unopened traps maintain their potency for up to three years from the date of manufacture. 

Customer testimonials, such as Sara’s, underscore our traps' effectiveness. She says: 

“This works!!!!!!! Just buy it! We had pantry moths everywhere and these took them all out within a week!” 

Such enthusiastic feedback is a common theme among our customer reviews and serves as the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. It is direct affirmations like Sara’s that validate our efforts and push us to continuously improve our non-toxic, effective pest control solutions.

Clothes moth traps: A non-toxic solution for textiles

When it comes to protecting valuable clothing and textiles, the effectiveness of clothes moth traps cannot be overstated. These non-toxic traps contain pheromones that specifically attract the male clothes moth, thereby interrupting their life cycle. Our customers can place these traps in closets, drawers and storage boxes, where they quietly and effectively perform their duty without the use of harmful chemicals.

Moreover, the design of our clothes moth traps emphasizes not only effectiveness but also user convenience.


The classy and discreet nature of the traps means they seamlessly integrate into any space, providing protection without drawing attention. 

Proactivity is key in the defense against clothes moths, as these pests are particularly drawn to keratin-rich fabrics. It is vital to consider protective measures before an infestation occurs. Fabrics like wool, silk, cashmere, fur and other animal-derived materials are not just luxurious; they provide the very nutrients these moths seek for their larvae. By placing our pheromone traps in areas where such textiles are stored, our customers are taking an essential preemptive step. This ensures that heirloom woolen blankets, silk garments, cashmere sweaters and even fur coats are shielded from the potential ravages of these insects. 

Pantry moth traps: Guardians of the pantry

The pantry moth trap follows a similar principle, but it's specifically optimized for the pests that prefer to invade our kitchens and pantries. Imbued with a pheromone concoction that irresistibly attracts Indian Meal moths and Almond moths, these traps are pivotal in shielding a variety of dry goods.


They are designed to protect cereals, grains, beans, nuts, flour, dried fruit, birdseed, dry animal food, spices and more from the destructive larvae of food moths. By placing these traps in strategic areas near susceptible foodstuffs, our customers can rest assured that their food is safeguarded against contamination and waste, ensuring peace of mind and preservation of their provisions.

By understanding and utilizing the unique pheromonal signatures of pantry moths, we've crafted a solution that targets the core of the problem without introducing any toxins into the environment where our food is stored. 

The future of moth pheromone traps

Innovation is a continuous journey at Dr. Killigan’s. We tirelessly enhance the efficacy of our moth pheromone traps, ensuring they stand up to our promise of being 100% non-toxic and 100% effective. The ongoing research into the life cycle and habits of moths provides us with the knowledge to refine our traps, ensuring they remain the most sophisticated and reliable choice on the market.

As we look ahead, the evolution of our moth trap designs remains rooted in scientific discovery and ecological responsibility. We are committed to providing solutions that not only eliminate pests but also contribute positively to the delicate balance of our ecosystem. It's not just about providing a moth trap; it's about offering a promise of safety, efficacy and environmental harmony.


Embrace the peace of mind that comes with a moth-free home. Take the definitive step towards protection and purity with Dr. Killigan’s moth traps—where cutting-edge science meets environmental responsibility. Don’t let moths disrupt your home’s harmony. Act now by exploring our selection of traps and join the ranks of households enjoying the confidence of Dr. Killigan’s non-toxic, superior moth control. Visit our website to learn more or purchase your traps today and begin your journey to a secure, moth-free environment. 

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