What does pest control do?


A serene and comfortable home is a desire of every person, yet the intrusion of unwanted pests can quickly disrupt this tranquility. The conventional approach to addressing such issues often involves calling professional pest control services. However, this approach leads to common concerns, such as “Is it safe to be in my house after pest control is used?” and “Where is pest control being sprayed in my house?” Understanding these concerns paves the way toward a more mindful, empowered approach to pest control, one where you are in control. By choosing to do your own pest control with our range of DIY pest control products, you can alleviate these concerns in an environmentally conscious and effective manner.

Where is pest control being sprayed in my house?  

The common areas where professional pest control services usually apply treatments include entry points, corners, cracks and crevices, along baseboards, and in areas where pests have been observed. However, when you invite professional pest control into your home, you may not always have full control or knowledge of where chemicals are being applied, which can be a cause of concern, especially for those with young children or pets, or for individuals with sensitivities to chemicals. The veil of uncertainty regarding the precise areas being treated and the types of chemicals used can be discomforting.


In sharp contrast, embracing Dr. Killigan’s DIY pest control solutions hands the reins back to you. When you choose to do your own pest control, you decide exactly where to apply the treatment. You're in full control, and there's no mystery regarding where the solutions are being applied within your home. This level of control is very reassuring. 

Our products come complete with clear, easy-to-follow instructions to guide you on where and how to apply the treatments safely. Additionally, our formulas are safe and non-toxic, ensuring a healthier environment for your family while effectively dealing with the pest problem. The transparent, hands-on approach provided by our DIY pest control solutions not only addresses your pest concerns, but also restores peace of mind, knowing that you’re applying safe treatments exactly where they're needed, without the worry of unknown chemicals being sprayed in undisclosed areas of your home.

By adopting our DIY approach, you answer the question of “Where is pest control being sprayed in my house?” with confidence and precision, making informed decisions based on your home’s unique needs and your family’s safety. Plus, with every application, you’re learning more about effective pest management, making you better equipped to maintain a pest-free, comfortable living environment in the long run.

Is it safe to be in my house after pest control is used?

The concern of “Is it safe to be in my house after pest control is used?” is a genuine one, especially when chemical-based treatments are employed by professionals. The fear of residual chemicals and their potential effects on family members and pets can be distressing.

The detrimental effects of the chemicals used in conventional pest control can indeed be alarming. These substances often contain potent toxins that may cause immediate health problems such as skin irritation, respiratory distress, and in severe cases, even poisoning. They can be particularly hazardous to children, the elderly and pets who may come into direct contact with treated areas or airborne particles. Moreover, the lingering residues from these chemicals may continue to pose risks long after the initial application. Over time, chronic exposure to such toxins can lead to more serious health issues including neurological disorders, reproductive problems and even certain types of cancer. The potential for both short-term and long-term health consequences adds a layer of anxiety to the already nerve-wracking experience of a home infestation. 

Transitioning to Dr. Killigan’s DIY pest control solutions addresses this concern head-on. Crafted with safety and eco-friendliness at its core, each product in our range allows for a worry-free application, ensuring you can apply these solutions without the fear of exposing your family to harmful chemicals. Being in control of the pest control process, you can ensure the safety and well-being of your family and pets post-treatment. Moreover, the non-toxic nature of our products makes them a dependable choice for the environmentally conscious person.

The empowered path of DIY pest control:

Exploring the question of “What does pest control do?” opens doors to a realm of self-sufficiency and empowerment. Our products are designed to provide persons such as yourself with the tools and knowledge required to tackle pest issues head-on. By deciding to do your own pest control, you’re able to find answers to your concerns and regain control over your living spaces. No longer bound by the unknown variables of professional pest control services, persons armed with our products step into a world where safety, efficacy and peace of mind are the keystones of pest control.

Embracing the DIY approach with Dr. Killigan’s products:

Venturing into the DIY route of pest control, specific bug issues may arise, each requiring a tailored solution. Our product range offers solutions for a variety of common household pests. For instance, should you find your home besieged by fruit flies, our Fruit Fly Trap is a ready solution. Engineered to be eco-friendly and effective, this trap will ensure fruit flies are no longer a menace to your home.

Similarly, if moths are your concern, our Premium Pantry Moth Traps are designed to lure and capture pantry moths, ensuring your pantry remains safe and moth-free.


On the other hand, for a more general insect issue, our Six Feet Under is an all-natural, non-toxic insect spray that dispatches a variety of bugs, including ants and cockroaches, without jeopardizing the safety of your household. Additionally, our Dust to Dust powder, a superb diatomaceous earth alternative, is an excellent choice for those looking to tackle a broad spectrum of insect problems; its mechanical action ensures effective pest control while remaining a safe and eco-friendly option.

These examples exhibit how a DIY approach, underpinned by our range of products, empowers individuals to address distinct pest issues head-on. The education, control and effectiveness afforded by these products unveil a path of self-sufficiency and assurance in maintaining a pest-free abode.


I extend an invitation to everyone seeking an enlightened, empowered approach to pest control. The journey towards a pest-free home no longer needs to be laden with concerns and unknowns. With our DIY pest control solutions, you are not just combating pests; you are reclaiming peace and safety in your sanctuary. 

Take control with Dr. Killigan's: Your go-to solution for safe and mindful pest control:

Tired of worrying about questions like “Is it safe to be in my house after pest control is used?” or “Where is pest control commonly sprayed in my house?” With Dr. Killigan’s array of DIY pest control products, you'll never have to ponder these questions again. Our solutions empower you to take action, understanding exactly what pest control does in the confines of your home, on your terms.

Discover the ease and safety of doing your own pest control with our products. Say goodbye to the uncertainties associated with professional pest control services and embrace a more mindful, effective approach to keeping your home pest-free.

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