What does non-toxic insect spray really mean?

What does non-toxic insect spray really mean?

Pesticides can be inherently toxic. The term is in the name; "cide" denotes "to kill." And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. When you use a pesticide, what are you trying to do? Yep, get rid of a pest problem in your home. Our initial reaction to any infestation is to grab a can of over the counter spray, powder, or crystal and flood every corner of our homes. But there are dangers when you do not use a non-toxic spray. The chemicals that are used can be dangerous to you, your family, and your pets.

What toxins are commonly found in pest control products?


There are a myriad of chemicals that are used in popular pest control products. See the short list below:

  • Hydramethylnon is the active ingredient in many ant, roach, and termite insecticides. It attacks the nervous system of the insect.
  • Sulfluramid is generally used in baits and gels for ants and roaches. Also attacks the nervous system.
  • Hydroprene is another chemical used against roaches and moths. It attacks the developmental stage of insects.

Pyrethrins are where it gets confusing. Pyrethrins in their natural state are generally safe, made from the chrysanthemum flower. However, to boost the impact this pesticide has, scientists have created many synthesized versions. Allethrin, Cyfluthrin, and Resmethrin are just a few examples. They are used in all forms of pesticide from sprays to foggers to baits. These man-made enhancements change the composition, making them harmful if not used properly.

How are toxins dangerous to me?

Most sprays and dusts can cause respiratory issues in humans and pets. Remember, they are designed to deal with the insects that you are spraying. They may also cause skin irritation, dizziness, and headaches, etc. Depending on your sensitivity to them, medical attention may need to be sought.

These toxins are especially dangerous to children, those with medical issues, and pets, despite what warning labels may tell you. It is best always to assume that if a product is meant to dispose of insects, then it can affect humans in the same manner. The problems arise because of the inexperience of the user. We want the pest gone, now so we spray and spray until the critters are dead and gone. Label instructions may matter very little, and through haste we create a dangerous situation for those in your home.

What is non-toxic spray?

But there is good news! You do not have to fill your home with these chemical-based products. You have options for your pest control needs. Dr. Killigan’s has an exciting lineup of non-toxic pest control products that are 100% safe for you. your family and your pets.


Six Feet Under® is an essential oil-based insect spray that disposes of ants, roaches, fleas and more. This non-toxic insect spray is safe for the home. There are no toxic fumes or dangerous pesticides. It has a pleasant aroma of cinnamon and clove oils. Best of all, it is not overpowering like many scented toxic sprays on the market.

Dr. Killigan’s does not stop with the creepy crawlies either. They also have non-toxic moth traps for both pantry and closet moths. These are unique in that you do not have to handle the pheromone wafers like you would with many similar products. The pheromone is mixed in with the glue and makes for easy set up.

The Fly Inn® is a product that helps rid flies from your home. Not only are all of our products highly effective and non-toxic, but they are easy on the eyes. Visitors will find it difficult to spot these traps. They are decorative and fit into your existing décor. They keep your home pest free while keeping it ‘classy’ in your home.

The final word on non-toxic insect spray

Non-toxic pest control is just a click away. Dr. Killigan’s wants to make your home a bug-free environment. We have carefully and purposefully developed a line of products to restore sanity, peace, and freedom from unwanted pests that may have taken over. We provide pest control products that stand up to our creed of “Killing Them Softly®.” This means that we never use harsh chemicals in any of our pest control solutions. 

All our products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, give us a call, and we will not hesitate to make things right! Once you try Dr. Killigan’s, you will understand what Killing Them Softly is all about!

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