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Can Pantry Moths Eat My Clothing? - Dr. Killigan's

Can Pantry Moths Eat My Clothing?

Do Pantry Moths Eat Clothes? When you see a moth, you may not know which one you are looking at; a pantry moth or a clothes moth. And when you do, you begin to worry about your precious items. But do these moths travel to different areas of your home? Can pantry moths eat clothing? Can clothing moths infest your kitchen pantry? Let’s look and answer these questions for you. What Are Pantry Moths?   There are two common types of household moth to be concerned about. These two types each have areas of your home that they thrive in....

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What Do I Do If I Have Moths In My Home? - Dr. Killigan's

What Do I Do If I Have Moths In My Home?

What Do I Do If I Have Moths In My Home? When your home is suffering from a moth issue, you want to know how to handle the problem as quickly as possible. You may have already lost a pantry of food, or your favorite winter coat. So, you need first to get rid of what has drawn these fluttering pests to your closet or pantry. Then you must do what needs to be done to prevent them from returning. Indoor moths are unlike the moths you find fluttering around light bulbs on your porch. These moths prefer the dark...

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