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What Are the Best Non-Toxic Pest Control Solutions - Dr. Killigan's

What Are the Best Non-Toxic Pest Control Solutions

Toxin-Free Pest Control Solutions | Dr. Killigan’s Every pest control advertisement seems to have the answer to your insect issue. Unfortunately, it usually involves the use of over-the-counter sprays filled with harsh chemicals that you cannot pronounce, or the need for you and your family to evict the area so a bug guy can do their thing. There has to be a better way, right? One that doesn’t involve subjecting your children and pets to poisonous clouds just to rid your home of common pests. But what are the best non-toxic pest control solutions? What do you do when you...

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Do Different Smells Attract Insects? - Dr. Killigan's

Do Different Smells Attract Insects?

Are Insects Attracted to Smells? During the spring and summer, and on into the fall, you see insects flying and crawling about. They all seem to have a destination in mind. Where are they going? It makes you wonder if they are being drawn to a source or what job they have to do. We hurry about our day with tasks to perform and obligations to meet, but sometimes something grabs our attention, and we are drawn to that source. Whether it be a sound or scent, we need to find out what it is. Believe it or not, insects...

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